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Free Thinking on Night Waves
Listen to the Free Thinking bloggers interviewed on Night Waves
During the run up to the Free Thinking Festival 3-5 November 2006 Night Waves features interviews with the Free Thinking bloggers.

Free Thinking
Jonathan Ree with Jonathan Sawday
Just ahead of Radio 3's Free Thinking Festival in Liverpool 3-5 November 2006 Night Waves' Philip Dodd talks to philosopher Jonathan Rée and Literature Professor Jonathan Sawday about the greatest free thinkers of the past, and the possibilities for free thinking today.

Read Jonathan Rée's blog

Listen to the discussion about free thinking

Esther Wilson
Esther Wilson
Playwright Esther Wilson talked to Isobel Hilton on Night Waves on 24 October 2006.
Of the Free Thinking blogs, Esther's takes a Liverpool persepctive.

"The success of the Free Thinking festival for me up to now has been the diverse areas that are covered,in depth at some points. Also there's something there for everyone.

"Because people are being very interesting in their replies and provocative it's making us or one question one's own beliefs and examining our systems of beliefs more closely."

Read Esther Wilson's blog

Listen to the Esther Wilson interview

Rana Dasgupta
Rana Dasgupta
Novelist Rana Dasgupta talked to Matthew Sweet on Night Waves on 2 October 2006.
Rana's Free Thinking blog focusses on the idea of The City.

On comments to his blog:
"People are despairing about whether cities can deliver a future that is human and sustainable."

On whether he shares this pessimism:
"We have to live with the idea of cities and we have to imagine how the future can look desirable."

Read Rana Dasgupta's blog.

Listen to the Rana Dasgupta interview

John McGuirk
John McGuirk
Tenantspin blogger John McGuirk talks to Night Waves on 26 September.

"Some of the new technology alienates you - it's not necessary..it's going over a lot of people's heads."

Read and comment on John McGuirk and Margo Hogg's blog.
More about the Free Thinking blogs and festival

Listen to the John McGuirk interview

Jonathan Ree
Jonathan Rée
Philosopher Jonathan Rée discusses his experience of being a blogger for Free Thinking with Philip Dodd in Night Waves 11 Sept 2006.

"The blogosphere may be the place where thinking dies and opinions take over."

Read and comment on Jonathan Rée's blog.
More about the Free Thinking blogs and festival

Listen to the Jonathan Rée interview

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