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1. The Free Thinking Lecture: Will Self Naturalism and Sanity: Is the Mind Really as it's Portrayed?


Celebrated author and essayist Will Self launches the festival arguing that the way the mind is portrayed in most novels is preposterous. Why are we so resistant to attempts to represent the mind as we really experience it, in all its terror, exhilaration and confusion? Are many of our finest novels designed to reassure us that we are 'normal'?

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Your thoughts

Andrew, Canada
"Not available in your area."Apparently Free Thinking is more restricted than the name lets on.

Dick Joyce, Switzerland
According to the blog report of the Radio 3 Free Thinking Festival, the appropriately named Will Selfseems to have forgotten, or even not to have heard, among others, of Dorothy Richardson, Alberto Moravio, Virginia Woolf - and James Joyce.

jason palmer,london
Interesting ideas, much better than last year. :)

Andrew, Free Thinking website producer
Info about how to find out when a festival event will be broadcast is given on our Welcome and FAQs web page.See the link near the top of the pink navigation column to the right of every Free Thinking web page.

Michael South Lakes
I made a real effort to listen to Will Self's lecture last Friday evening.However, in my opinion,and bearing in mind it was Halloween,I found it to be academic "hocus pocus". Who was the lecture aimed at? The average listener or an inner circle of egg-heads?Is it not possible to communicate in a clear, straightforward and interesting way? Half-way through the lecture I was becoming increasingly irritated as Will Self droned on, indulging in intellectual mumbo jumbo! Come down to earth Will!

Dave Smethurst, Cirencester
Some of the Free Thinking events sound most interesting but it's hard to see which ones are to be broadcast on R3 and when. Is it the case that if they are not listed on the schedule as live events they are not available. I'd like to listen to the Will Self talk tonight but can find no mention of it in the schedule.

A festival of ideas in Liverpool Friday 31st October - Sunday 2nd November 2008, on radio and online.

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