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'Careless Whisper'
George Michael
George Michael
Does listening to “Careless Whisper” bring back memories of slow-dancing in the school hall? Is it George Michael’s best song ever?

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Fantastic song. Fantastic talent. How could he and Ridgely write this at such a young age? The lyrics, well. . . . 'guilty feet have got no rhythm'. Enough said.


Pete Fenelon, York
The song that closed a million school discos?

Omer - Istanbul
a unique melody, a marvellous tune, an excellent song and a magical talent who is 17! It's the best song of GM & all time...

Aaron Michael - Istanbul/Turkey
I think Careless Whisper is the best song ever! with the perfect sax...

Mary ptolemaida
This song remind me my first kiss....long romantic....George I'm still in love with your song!!!

ester palermo
I love George Michael with all my heart and his song " Careless whisper" is the most lovely and fascinating in the history of love and ballad songs of the last decades...For all the romantic and dreaming lovers!! It's a poetry!

Tiffany/ Florida USA
My all time Fave song, I play it almost every day,, from the Sax, to the bass lines to, George's wonderful voice, I LOVE THIS SONG!!!

Anni, Finland
I'm extremely selective in terms of music. There are only less than ten songs that I would say I LOVE, mostly from the 80's, including ABBA - The Winner Takes It All and Queen - The Show Must Go On, among others (and this is partly because in Finnish we don't say love unless we could almost die for it). Careless Whisper, as I heard it for the first time, brought tears into my eyes. I just wanted to listen to the song again and again. It has this melancholic, perfect, all my senses fulfilling, passionate melody, drums beating like a heart, and the leading tune tearing my soul apart. I love it! Rakastan = I love in Finnish.

rich grimsby
this man is so tallented this song is one of the best of the 80's pure simple song long may it live on

Arlette/ Miami, Florida
I remember listening to this song when I was just 5 years old in Mexico. I didn't understand a word he was saying, but fell in love with the melody and George's sweet vocals from that very young age.

Shelina - London
This is such a heart rending takes you much love and emotion...x

KD, Atlanta USA
A great song, not his best but a great song none the less. How he came up with the sax hook is anyones guess but it is instantly recognisable. Some would say its a little cheesy but for a 17 yr old.....? I'd like to see any artist at that age come up with such a timeless song as Careless Whisper.

Edna Schimdt London
This is by far on of the century's top hit singles!!!!

Jade -
2 Play's song is much better than George Micheal's ! But since George Micheal wrote it, i think that the lyrics are totally amazing. The song i s sung by 3 singers, Tamia, 2play, and George. Amazing song, amazing lyrics !

Josh Oklahoma,USA
My All time Fav song in the world.all the remakes doesn't even match his version it is truly a work of art,I can listen to it over and over and never get tried of hearing it,and that instrumental version I can listen to over and over aswell.I am only 24 and own the vinyl with the frist version on question is was the frist video of careless whisper ever released???????

cesar chicago il
a true ballad that will go on for generations thanx to a unique artist and writer love you george michael

Alec N Wales
The bridge from this track, I think, is brilliant but as an example of George's work, I thing 'One More Try' is better.

This song will always be a classic after 21 yrs we still can't get enough of the song and George's magnificent vocals

Maria Weymouth
I have been a George fan since I was knee high to a grasshopper. This song always seems to have been played during some of the best times of my life! What can you say other than BRILLIANT and what a loss if George does not record anymore.

Elaine Graham/Edinburgh
I have been a huge fan of George's for over 20 years and still Careless Whisper is my favourite songs, it is like a bird's song to me. It is the ultimate song in George's career and will always bring such joy to me.

Tian Yang, Nottingham
I love this artist. He has the most beautiful, enchanting and alluring voice on God's earth.

cesar garza
george is an excellent writer and composer i love his talent a tue gift!!

C. Maertens, Quebec, Canada
In my opinion, there simply is no 'best song' where George Michael's artistic repertoire is concerned as each of this extremely talented man's songs unveils yet but another facet of his Creative, Transparent, Witty, Humourous, Kind, Generous, Compassionate, Loving and Gentle Soul. Each Piece therefore is blindingly Beautiful, ultimately Courageous and most brutally Honest, in its own right.

Tianxia Yang
Wow, what a talent. I love George Michael and his raunchy and seductive voice.

Tommy / Orlando Florida
Amazing song that instantly brings me back into the great days of the mid 80's. The song brings back memories of good times throughout my childhood in the 80's and probably my earliest memories of having crushes on girls.

Pete McConnell/ Abbots Langley
Best Ballad of all time.

anna united states indianapolis, indiana
I have always loved Careless Whisper, it is a song that you never get tired of . Of course I never get tired of any George Michael songs. He alway writes and sings from the heart, that is why he is so special. When Careless plays on the radio, anywhere, anytime, it always makes you feel good inside. I love your music George, and I always will. It always puts a smile on my face to hear any song of yours. I turn several people on to your music , but you will always be my favorite.I hope you never stop writing, or singing.

Lucy, Bristol
I guess this is probably the most renouned George single because it was his first solo record. It is a classic...but I could easily nominate around 25 others by him for the top 100!

anusuya lahiri.Calcutta
It is not a song but "feelings" personified, symbolising the intoxification and exhuberence of youth.

Declan, Dublin
The first song I fell in love with. didn't understand a word of it, mind! But the melody and performance and production were just out of this world.

christophe - Orléans (France)
White singer with black voice and a kind of black and white song with a powerfull Tamla Motown touch.

East or West, George Michael's the BEST!!!!

samantha arnold from senghenydd, caerphilly south
what a fantastic song. this is a song that should never ever be covered and a band called 2 play have done it and wrecked it. George Michael is now and always will be one of the, if not the best, songwriter of all time. thanks george for coming into my life, i love you for ever.

larysa , minsk belarus
Careless whisper was the first song of George Michael I had listened.It fell deep in my heart.It is the best one.Thank you George for such a wonderfull song.

ted norton key west fl usa
Pure class through and through! From writing through arrangement and performance and down to the final mix that blares out of supermarket ceiling speakers and car dashboards, not one iota of potential was lost. hopefully George will release the jerry wexler version so we can compare the two one day!

Lizzy, Holland
It is definitely one of my favorite songs by George !I loved it when I first heard and I still love it to this day. Although he doesn't regard it as his best work, like he said so on 'Sold On Song', it's astonishing he wrote such a classic at the age of 17.He is a true natural talent, one to be cherished.What I love about George is that he sings from the heart and soul and he manages to capture the mood so perfectly in each and every song.And he keeps evolving so beautifully as an artist and as a human being, which translates into his songs.

becky - hemel hempstead
this will be my most favorite song of all time - an all time classic would love to see him sing it live - go George

aggi, Germany
it is the type of song you imagine being played as some sort of background music in a cheep soft porn movie.I understand why people love this song. I even understand why they see this song as a classic. But on each of his albums( even the new one) you will find songs that stand out lyrically and vocally and deserve so much more to be called classics than Careless Whisper does. Praying for time, Jesus to a child, You have been loved, Father Figure, Hand to mouth, My mother had a brother. Those songs are real classics

Rishi / Paramaribo/ Suriname
I can play this song 100 times a day, I'll never get tired neither bored of it. 2 good, masterfully composed lyrics in a poetical form combined with it's great melody (don't forget the important role of the saxophone in it) But thinking about how he could be so creative to invent such a impressive lyric: I think he had allready met in real life with a similar situation portrayed in his song.

zuzki / Bratislava / Slovakia
However, this is and forever will be THE George Michael song !

He's just a genius. Incredibly talented. Just wish he'd tour!!!

Moog, England
Careless Whisper brings back memories of 1984 and big hair. His best song? Not by a long way. It will be his best remembered because of the saxophone hook but for sheer genius, Praying For Time cannot be bettered. Though a couple on the latest album, Patience, deserve classic George status - My Mother Had A Brother being one of them.

Billy B., Houston, Texas
Definetely not his best. The music is beautiful and most people love this song because of George's voice and the music. I don't think that most people break down the actual lyrics to define whether it is indeed a good song or not (in regard to infidelity). George's best 5 songs are (in my view & that I have had the pleasure/ability to hear): 1) Jesus to a Child 2) Waiting 3) Amazing 4) Fastlove 5) Too many to list... George's voice and the way he delivers his musical message is by far the best of the best. His song writting gift is a blessing for all of his fans from sea to shining sea. Thank you George for continuing to produce downright Fantastic music. Billy B.

Kim, Chicago IL
I just happened across this tonight, and it made my day. I have been a fan since the early days of Wham!, and have been amazed by George Michael's talent. I saw him live in Chicago over 15 years ago, and it was the best concert I've attended. I love you George!

Jasper/ Philippines
Definitely a mark of that era.

Andrew from South Yorkshire
Even my wife loves it and she dosent like George. That must mean its a fantastic ballad.

Eugenia / Portugal
Play that haunting sax line and whether you’re in Tokyo or New York, London or Rio de Janeiro anyone will tell you *It’s Careless Whisper!!*. This song is an essential reference in the history of pop music alongside many others George Michael has written over the past two decades. If that wasn’t enough to hail the man who wrote them as music genius he still has the voice to match them. This is what makes George Michael a quintessential artist.

Paige brooks, sheffield
This song has to be one of his best, some weird lyrics but very very good

Nursel , Bursa
I have never heard a better song than this.It's so romantic.I love you george michael!

Abel Rosado
To me, no doubt the most beautiful melody ever written. However, it is sad to see so many couples fall in love on the dance floor or in the karaoke clubs over this song, when in fact it speaks of infidelity. Listen a little closer people! It has and will remain the best song ever written in my book. "WAKE ME UP BEFORE YOU PRINT THIS E-MAIL" Abel

the sexy sax, go all too well oh my...

Glenn, Mansfield
I really cannot understand why this song is regarded as highly as it is when you compare absolute classics such as "Father Figure", "A different corner" and "Heaven help me" which was recorded by Deon Estus. All written by George Michael but these songs are just in a totally different league to "Careless Whisper".

Lindsay, New York City
I actually first heard this song in cover form. It was covered by an Indonesian pop artist named Anggun, and her rendition of the song made me fall absolutely in love with it. It's VERY surreal -- a brilliant listen.

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