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Following on from the Grand National winner we talk about living with a less than perfect smile. Share your thoughts here.

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    Kevin Altrincham,
    With using power showers... I was always taught water was infinitely recycleable in the water cycle, there is as much on the planet now as when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, so why does it matter if you use it??????

    marisa roberts Leeds
    No - I already have a water meter why shouldn't I have a power shower?? Perhaps we should also ban garden watering and pressure washing of cars and gardening furniture!

    Sylvia Allen, RAF Mildenhall, Suffolk
    When I use a shower without good water pressure I don't save any resources as I have to stay in there twice as long and turn the heat up higher so that I don't freeze to death.

    Eric, Maidstone
    If water meters are made compulsory due to a water shortage in some areas it can lead to rationing by price. Yet a number of areas in the UK have plenty of water (in some cases too much) yet we have no means of transfering it to drier areas. It isn’t always down to rainfall either as the reason, for example, the south east is suffering a growing water shortage is due to the large number of houses that have been (and will be) built in this area by government decree with no thought whatsoever for the consequences.

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