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IAN CARR (Guitar)
Born in Bangor in 1965. He learned to play mouth organ at the age of three before going on to learn piano, piano accordion and rock guitar at the age of 13, since when he's developed his highly original style of accompaniment. He cites his main influence as Peerie Willy Johnson, and bands and collaborations include The Rub, Old Rope String Band, Syncopace, Kathryn Tickell Band, Two Duos Quartet, Swåp, Kate Rusby, Simon Thoumire and Karen Tweed.

Born in Bellshill, Lanarkshire in 1973. Studied classical music at school for ten years, joined a ceilidh band aged ten and left school at 16 to join The Battlefield Band. He recently left the band to pursue an acclaimed solo career, and most recently composed the soundtrack music for the film Heartlands. Apart from fiddle he also plays cittern, whistle and piano and is a gifted composer and producer. Cites his influences as The Dubliners, The Chieftains, Stockton's Wing, De Dannan and Kevin Burke. Other bands and collaborations include Radio Sweethearts, Eliza Carthy and Mrs McCusker, otherwise known as Kate Rusby.

MICHAEL MCGOLDRICK (Flute and whistle)
Born in Manchester in 1971. His Irish father taught him tin whistle and his mother took him to flute lessons at Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann (the organisation dedicated to promoting Irish traditional music and dance) from the age of seven. Played in Toss the Feathers, Flook, Lunasa and Afro Celt Sound System and is currently playing full-time with Capercaillie. His influences are Matt Malloy, Jean-Michel Viollion, Bothy Band and Capercaillie.

Born in Belfast in 1971. Self-taught, he started playing bodhran at 16. He's played with Calúra, Broc and Barry Kerr, plus many other projects. Currently runs the Tearmann An Cheoil in Cultúrlann MacAdam Ó'Fiaich in Belfast's Falls Road.

KAREN TWEED (Accordion)
Born in Willesden, London in 1963. Learned accordion from the age of 11 from Joe Coll in her local church hall, and studied classical music with Laurie Eady. Cites her most influential teacher as John Whelan, a button accordionist from Luton. Influenced by John Whelan, Sharon Shannon, Phil Cunningham, Alan Kelly and Jackie Daley. Has Collaborated with The Poozies, Swåp, Ian Carr, Kathryn Tickell Band, Roger Wilson, Two Duos Quartet, The Chase and Timo Alakotila.

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