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Radio 1 Zane Lowe

Mon-Thu 19.00-21.00

The Libertines - 'Up The Bracket'

Masterpieces albums On April 2, 2008, Zane played out this epic album in full, just as The Libertines intended it to be heard. The show also contained interviews and other music to put the album's greatness into context.
See the tracklistings

Browse the complete album artwork by clicking on one of the images below:

This is the full tracklisting of the album. Click on the links below to listen to 30-second clips (in Real Audio).

1. Vertigo - Listen to clip
2. Death On The Stairs - Listen to clip
3. Horror Show - Listen to clip
4. Time For Heroes - Listen to clip
5. Boys In The Band - Listen to clip
6. Radio America - Listen to clip
7. Up The Bracket - Listen to clip
8. Tell The King - Listen to clip
9. The Boy Looked At Johnny - Listen to clip
10. Begging - Listen to clip
11. The Good Old Days - Listen to clip
12. I Get Along - Listen to clip

We asked you to send us your 'Masterpieces Masterpiece' - a picture explaining why the Masterpieces album meant so much to you and why you think everyone should hear it. Click on the pics below to see the gallery of the pictures created.

Also, during the show, we asked you to text us your stories and opinions about the album - here is a selection of the texts we received:

· This band made music for me. the sound and lyrics were for me as vital to life as air when i first heard them.dave, lincoln
· The most inspiring album of this century. Pete and carl are my generations greatest heroes, no contest.
· There was a big void in music before the libertines theyre the reason i picked up the guitar from the real josh pike
· This album is the best gift i have ever had. 4 weeks after i first heard it my best friend who have me it died in a car crash. This album helped me rediscover my faith in love and music. I started writing music again and still am! Thank you for this. Ben in oswestry
· I had the worst taste in music until this album came out changed my whole outlook on music stuart glasgow
· My life began the day i heard the libertines, their words read like a tragic love story! Who knows the future of music if they stayed together! Jamie, Reading
· This album has pulled me from the wrath of poor music and into the arms of a world full of imagination, poetry and has taught me to love and let go. X
· Hearing people saying the same as i feel about this band is getting to me! i've got tears in my eyes now. Dave in Sheff
· I love the sound and variety of the libertines and dont know much about them and again am just enjoying learning more. Some songs are soul stopping sarahX
· Cancelled a date with my hot new work mate so i could stay in for Up The Bracket tonight! The Libertines come first! Pete, Leicester. X
· Sarah in leeds sat in her room on her own whilst people with no musical taste what so ever party to cheesy pop downstairs. I LOVE THIS ALBUM
· libertines, possibly one of the most amazing and infuencial band since the beatles! Lottie in plymouth
· Kids in bed, dog got his toy,beer open, music up, here we go! Zoe xxx
· This is makin me so nostalgic. Im climbin these foUr walls!
· Im missing the football for this thats how good this album is up the libs from steven in south london
· If anyone ever asks me in my life what era i came from i say the libertine era and listening to this reminds me why! Azza derby
· I am a hip hop fan and never have heard this album before. Has blown me away. Sarah, Newcastle
· The text from the hip hop fan declaring their love for this album actually moved me.. Wow. Best album of all time. Can't believe its 6years old!
· Im stopping revision for my exams to listen solidly! Im praying they'l do another reunion gig soon.
· The friends the fun the feelings- what memories. I am so happy right now! Xx b xxx
· a true masterpiece. Best british album of the decade. Am singin every word in my room.Allyn from Taunton
· i cant express how much i lv t libertines, fandabydozy! Thanx 4 honouring them!
· are you playing this just to make me cry? x

We wanted to know how this album has touched your life. See some of the comments we received below:

This band and this album completely changed my life. Not a day goes by when I don't listen to one of the tracks and bask in their absolute genius! They changed the face of music and will be remembered in years to come. Reading these messages from all these people makes me want to cry because I know that I have this amazing bond will all of them. And it's like some great private joke we have that people who read the Sun and only know Pete Doherty because of Kate Moss just don't get. And that is how breath taking and perfect this album is. Long live the Libertines Indeed.
Charli, Bedworth

This album has meant so much to me all through the stages of becoming a man.I grew up with it, and as such it's reserved a a special place in my life.The most important album in years, and it has undoubtedly inspired so many people to pick up a guitar, or jot down the odd poem.Truly special.
Laz London

One of the best albums i've ever heard. It will never get old, a simple classlic.
Ella, Newport

The best album of all time. Makes you loose yourself and forget everything. Brought back my faith in music and inspired me to play guitar. Defined a generation and brings people together. Long live the Libs.
Rick, Market Rasen

If only this is what Pete Doherty was truely known for...the best album of all time
Kayleigh, Stamford

This album has changed my whole perspective on music and life. It really open my eyes. Has to be the greatest album ever!
Jonny, London

Up the bracket is the greatest album iv'e ever heard the lyrics are sublime and the energy is amazeing i get along and What a waster are the 2 defining songs of a generation its a shame what a waster was not included on the original realease. Evan now the libertines have split up they have given music bands such as the view and arctic monkeys but most importantly babyshambles and dirty pretty things i was to young when the libertines were first out so was not lucku enougth to witness them live but have seen babyshambles and dpt and am looking forward to seeing them both this summer at reading festival hopeing for a libertines reaunion would be amazeing
Joe, Portsmouth

"The Arcadian Dream has all fallen through, but the Albion sails on course.."I live inside these songs.. They're just perfect."...Tatty?! We're the hope of the world mate!.."
Corinna, Bolton

alot of people look at Pete Doherty and think he is some complete waste of space and hate his music because of his reputation. putting this aside reveals a true genius of music writing and talent beyond any means! The Libertines had such a influence on so many people. those people know real music and enjoy every beat the Libertines produced. this album has a number one hit on every track! its just simply Phenomenal!!! Pete and Carl are a masterpiece in themselves!
Mark, Hull

Up the Bracket=best album of all timeLibertines=best band of all timeMusical genius!

Once every few years a standout album hits you, and makes you stand up and pay attention. Up The Bracket did exactly that for me, and while at uni I played it over and over again, both at home, in my car, at parties, and I even made copies for everyone in my uni football team. The biggest thing about the band was the way that they were so accessible. Truly punk. Truly British. Pure class.
Rick, Luton

the libertines changed my life.up the bracket, this is the best album all the time.
tsugumi , Japan

Once every few years a standout album hits you, and makes you stand up and pay attention. Up The Bracket did exactly that for me, and while at uni I played it over and over again, both at home, in my car, at parties, and I even made copies for everyone in my uni football team. The biggest thing about the band was the way that they were so accessible. Truly punk. Truly British. Pure class.
Rick, Luton

Simply the best album I've ever heard in my life.It makes you laugh, cry, and stick two fingers up at the same time!Long live the Lbertines!
Scott, Aberdeen

Not since the smiths and Morrissey and marr have there been a better band not only in the UK but the world. Both Carl and peter invited you to there world of Albion, with tales of skins and mods.For me they started and a generation with up bracket and broke a generation with the self titled second album.Long live the Albion boys and remember "there is no sadder sight of that of a English man in a base ball cap.

Well all I have to say that this album changed my life, I was absolutely into some other kind of music, but I read about these guys before and so I got the chance to buy their album in a local store and I was like "well.. lets go for it!", oh boy, cant express how a lucky guy I was by doing that.My taste in music turned 360° after that, I'm thankful to the lads, Carl, Gary, Johnny and Pete, thanks a lot, The Libertines mean a lot in my life, my favorite band ever, changed my taste in music and even my lifestyle, just thanks.
Miguel Cortes, Mexico

Absolutely my favourite album, there's not a single track i skip.Pure musical genius.
Kate, Reading

The Clash, The Jam, The Smiths etc - a mash up of all the most brilliant British rock n roll bands ever with an energy, beauty and grace of their own in their own time. The Libertines, Up the Bracket, the album that I don't have to look back into the sun for, the one I've been waiting for all my life x
Sally, London

I echo the comments above in that this album has undoubtedly changed my life - before I heard the record I never thought music did honestly have that was just a common exaggeration . Not only did its infectious energy inspire me but also helped me to break free. Being a wheelchair user many things/people/attitudes try to get in the way of leading a normal teenage life. For want of a better term, this album helped my revolution. The fact it just demands you to wake up, jump up and down and escape from work/college/uni/politics etc, to enjoy life and the optimism of youth is IMO its primary achievement.Also, the lyrics and riffs are insane. That album IS music - not only it terms of rock but also in the issues it covers. Lets hope they reform!
Alex, Teddington

before i heard the libertines i never really had a favorite band, i wasnt really that into much music at all, and lyrics didnt really mean anything to me. Then i heard this album and my life changed. The real me broke through. made me proud to be british, to look- think- and say what i want, made me open to learn, read books, write, play instruments... i could go on forever. Long live the libertines x
Levi, Northants

Pure inspiration shines through each and every track, from the yelp that begins Up The Bracket, to the mic stands creaking on The Good Old Days.A real moment of feeling has been recorded here, it is a movement captured in audio, perfectly.
Kris, Belfast

My favourite album of all time by my favourite band of all time. It's hard to imagine where music would be today without the Libertines. Peter and Carl are absolute geniuses and I'm so glad this album is finally getting the recognition it deserves. It's great to see so much love for them from fans everywhere. Up the Albion! Libertines forever! xxxxx
Alexis, Lincs

Noel Gallagher made me pick up a guitar as a kid, then Peter and Carl made me form a band and more importantly, say,write and sing exactly what i wanted to. I grew up as a young man with a band trying to make it in the music business with 'Up the Bracket' as my soundtrack. An unparralled success in its time, a true masterpiece, influential in the same way as 'Definitely Maybe' in the 90s, 'The Queen is Dead' in the 80s, and 'London's Calling' in the 70s.I will never forget those 13 songs (importantly including 'What a Waster' as the additional track) and the emotions that go with them. Cheers Libs. x
Mark, Caerphilly (South Wales)

Libertines totally changed my outlook on music, never have a band influenced me to do so much, Time For Heroes is listenable forever, n when up the bracket kicks in, its jus time to let loose n go for it! what a band!
James, Middlesbrough

Truely legendary. Takes me away from the pressures of life for that 40 mins. Favourite album ever.
Jay, Ireland

I have this album on my ipod but hearing it on the radio and knowing that I'm sharing this music with the nation makes it feel even more amazing.Long live the uniting power of music.
Lizi from Beaconsfield

tbh! realy amazing guy i know showed me this album i now love it!! :) makes me think of him :)
clair laa , wales

if i could only listen to one album for the rest of my life it would be this one.the very first time i heard it it gave me an indescribable feeling that i still get today.genius
Kate, Sheffield

Gets better everytime I play it... Probably the reason I picked up a guitar. Every song a classic and it's heart wrenching to know that, no matter what Carl and Pete produce over the next years, that we won't have anything like it again!
Rob, Peterborough

Tell it to your king, best song ever! Love the libertines wish I could see them live. Maybe one day!!!!
Jamie, Stotfold

My boyfriend introduced me to the libertines, at first I thought I was like 'mm ok' but they grew on me masivley and I'm gutted I never got see them live. Fantstic band, fantastic lyrics, Brilliant energy, I love the Libs!!!!
Clare, Coventry

"Now I'm reversing down a lonely street, to a cheap hotel where I can meet the past..." Genius.
Smige, Hitchin

the libertines was/are an inspiration to an entire generation and will be for years to come. one of the best bands of modern times full stop.
james mclearie from chesterfield

This is one of the best albums of the last 10 years! This is the soundtrack of my life!
Richard, Anglesey

one of my fav bands of all time, there are so many bands now who sell records just because they sound or look a little like the libertines, they cant compete. it's great that there are so many bsides and demos too
james, manchester

This album is pure genius . It was so far ahead of it’s time, people are only starting to realize it now. Also cant wait to see Pete at the royal Albert Hall this month . Please turn up Carl.
Jason ,Southampton

everyone has to admit the libs influenced you in some way!im a plumber and all i wanted to do was listen to it!and have try to forward this album/band upon anyone i know!
clint, london

Possibly the best album ever made, has every right to be classed as a masterpiece. Every time you hear it , it sounds better!
Dan Chambers, Plymouth

The Libertines are so integral to the person I am today. I used to travel from Newcastle to London to go and see them. I was lucky to see them perform twice with Pete before he left. I love this album so much, it's perfect.
Lauren, Oxford

A truely wonderful masterpiece. Genius lyrics and really does show great chemistry between pete & carl. It set the bar for so many new bands and for us is a much more important record than is this it by the strokes.
Jamie London

I remember the first time I heard this record- I had to sit down.
Clare, London

The best album in the world
Daniel Mead

It's often said but rarely meant that an album changes your life.With this album, I can honestly say that it not only changed my life, but changed me as a person, changed my outlook, and basically saved me.The words and the story of Peter and Carl touched me and renewed my hope and sense of national pride in music.Up The Libertines!
Rosalind, Guildford

lyrically genius, music was a mix of energy,passion and exictement. I was only 6 when Libertines blossmed, i wish i was older because that band broke down the barriers between band and fans.........magic!
Tom Wilson, in Surrey

No band has more right to the title 'master-piece' than The Libertines. I remember listening to them for the very first time and just being overwhelmed at how glad they truly were, being simply glad there was something this amazing to fill the gap in modern music left by Britpop. The poetry of the lyrics and the astounding music just changed something for me and even now when they come up unexpectedly on my iPod I have to grin. The Libertines defined a lot for me and still do now.
Kate, Brighton

This album defined times in peoples lives and completely altered peoples views and identities. It's fitting that it's now viewed as a masterpiece. Up The Bracket, Up The Libertines, Up The Albion, Up The Arcadian Dream.
Anon, Manchester

This is modern England. innocent, imbrued with love and a passion for their music. pete n carl give us a throwback to a romantic age, with the bleak setting of 21st century britain...
Tom, Wycombe

My favourite album ever, Pete and Carl are amazing together. Musical genius
Jen, Bolton

This record changed my life; never before have a band had such a relationship with their audience with such romantic idealism.the good old days indeed.may the good ship albion keep on sailing.
Mouse , Carlisle

bliss, one of them albums you can put on no matter what mood you are and it will transform you into a excited, smiling fool. just like the first time you heard it
matt wiltshire

We're lucky the libs saved us and the music! Shame that I was to young when libertines came, but when I heard it it changed my life too and got me into a new world! Probably one of the few listing online in sweden though.Up The Arcadia, Up The Albion!
Al, Stockholm, Sweden

This is possibly the most meaningful album ever. It involves so many different emotions so many struggles in life but it shows that all that matters is the "faith in love and music". Pure genius!
Marta, London

All 12 of the songs on this album are masterpieces in their own way, and the fact they are all on this album together makes it especially brilliant.
Brooke, Doncaster

One of the best albums ever takes me to a different place whenever i hear it, il never forget the first time i heard far the best band of our times..who else could have had such an effect on music today!
Jonny , Leicester

Probably my favourite album ever. Poetry for a generation!
Jamie, Newcastle

This changed everything for me - got to be my favorite album ever simply because I lost quite a bit of faith in guitar music for a while after Britpop and took to House music.This album made me pick up a guitar, I now do a degree in music and play in bands all the time. It also made me feel that there is a place for poetic lyricism in rock!
Peasey - Leeds

I'm so happy that I bought this album just on a whim to see if it was any good because I liked the artwork because now it's my favourite ever album. OK Computer is my 2nd fave so this weeks masterpieces so far have been great. I'm so sad that I only 'discovered' the Libertines just before they broke up and so I never got to see them play live. Since, I have seen both Pete and Carl play with Babyshamble and DPT butI don't think that it will ever quite be the same without them. It's definately a masterpiece and it played on my iPod every day.
Hannah, Birmingham

The best thing ever. It made me feel i'm British too although i'm from Poland. Amazing melody and lyrics. Very inspiring! I grab guitar and lot of british poetry because of them. absolute genius.
Mira, Torun, Poland.

This album is amazing! When I was 13, me & my friend wanted to make our own band. This album helped make our choise and to stay in rocknroll. Well, we were looks like Carl and Pete. We wanted to move to London and to play rocknroll songs in the UK. And now we have this dream in our heads. Albion sails on the course, arcadians!
Roman, Russian Fed., Chelyabinsk

this is without doubt the best album ever written, and the libertines are quite possibly the most sparky, inspiring, influential band of the 21st century
george, cambridge

Im only 15 now but i have been brought up listenting to Oasis and i absolutley loved definetly maybe but then a few years on i was introduced to the Libertines by a friend and i have not stopped playing it since.This album is my all time favourite album and i dont think anything will change that.I still think that in 20 years time my kids will be listnening to the Libertines
Jay, Manchester

One of my favourite albums ever. When I first heard the album, I had it on repeat every day for months. Lyrically it's amazing, and Peter and Carl are two brilliant frontmen.
Chloe, Norwich

The first time I heard this album it blew me away I was instantly hooked on the libertines Pete and Carl create so much chemistry it was what British music had been lacking and in dire need of! A true classic, I still listen to it constantly.
c.wood cumbria

Im a veteran of the punk era & a vinyl junkie. This album rekindled my faith in music & has to be in my top 3. Shame that by the time I saw them at Reading it was minus Pete. There appearance with pete on Johnathan Ross was a classic.
Steve Dorrell - Swindon

The best british album ever made, almost poetic justice they didnt have the oppurtunity to make that difficult third album
toby london

this album pretty much sums up my time at sixth form. and more specifically my illegal times in the local pub... all scuffling around to find a quid to throw in the duke box, for three songs. then the hard task of deciding which three to play... "up the bracket? no...??!!" "the boy looked at johnny defo...!!" "surely vertigo?" "how about boys in the bands..." the arguments still continue... now a complete 21 years of age, i went back to that pub for a sneaky cider, and what do you know death on the stairs was blaring right out the speakers... still sounded absolutley fantastic xemma, hitchin xdespite the brilliance that both pete and carl have created since this album, nothing will really beat the pure arrogance and innocence of youth that this record holds x
emma, hitchin

pet and carl are very different artists but they complement each other perfectly...
theo london

because there were no good old daysthese are the good old daysoh and it wees furiously over the 3 other records being played..
s. p. morrissey, LA

This album was the soundtrack to a whole year in my life, and whenever I hear the riff to Vertigo kick in, it all comes flooding back. Its an amazing album.
B-10, Leeds

I remember listening to this in uni in Wolverhampton and I was blown away. I would go to my mate’s bedroom and listen to it as we played on his PS2 and it stood out from all the music at the time. It was a bullet out of the melancholy blue that was ‘liberal acoustic rock’ that had seemed sweep the nation. I see them in terms of the Stone Roses but of my time and not of the very late 80’s. Great album and great trail blazers that allowed bands like the Artic Monkeys and Pigeon Detectives to enjoy the success they have.Genius.
Chris, Jarrow

I discovered this album in 2005, a few years after it had been released. I fell in love with it instantly and it has more or less been in my CD player every day since. It is such a fantastic, triumphant, swashbuckling album; it has everything. Barat and Docherty are true geniuses of modern music, the only tradegy is that the band are no longer together to play these songs for us. The Libertines make every single band around today sound ordinary.Long live the Libertines!
Richard, Liverpool

England needed the Libertines, music needed the libertines, as soon as I heard dont look back into the sun I was a proud english man-who knew William Blake could inspire somthing brillent!
luke poole

'If you've lost your faith in love and music then the end wont be long...' Absolute genius... Pete and Carl are truly sailing to Arcadia...
Mark, Bournemouth

up the bracket is the voice of todays youth i reckon, and the cd that made me pick up and learn the guitar. tabloids run pete down but u cant find fault with his and carl's immortal classic. Up The Libs!!!
adam, guildford

I LOVE it! the opening bars of vertigo is my alarm clock its my get up and go for the day ahead, the rest pure genious. I remember a friend repremanding another saying this isnt music, listen to Death on the Stairs and then tell me if it is! ok?! Its an album that everyone loves to the point of arguing-sums up the libertines really!
Chloe, Kent

first listened to it many summers ago.. its crazy how long this album's been out and how much i still keep coming back to it.. new musicans and songs come and go, but the pieces created by pete and carl on this album are always there. I hear that pete and carl are combinig to make a musical essentially centred around their own story!!! cant wait for that and all the new songs that produces, along with a proper reunion of the two genius minds
russ, london

Despite trying to make myself like other albums more, I've finally succumbed to the simple fact that Up the Bracket is my all-time favourite. The emotion, energy, and character of it is overwhelming. Death on the Stairs and Horror Show never fail to get me dancing around like a mentalist. Some of the lyrics they produced were pure genius. I doubt there will ever be anyone like them again.
Ben, London

The is definitely one of the most adventurous modern indie records by a London based songwriting team dressed in military-wear of all time ever.And if that's not sufficient praise, I don't know what is.
Stu, Loughborough

The underproduced raw sound makes this album seem like it was recorded all in one go. The album came at a time when the music scene needed a kick up the backside, and in my opinion, nothing has come close since.
Rick Cuthbert, London

A magnus opus for a generation in need of a musical focal point after so many barren years. the melodic energy of the album harnessed the listener and while the words poised poetry to rival Byron and quips to equal Wilde. The lyric 'there are fewer more distressing sights than that of an English man in a baseball cap' will live on as an unrivaled social epitaph of our time and any mention of the tabloid patsy rendering belies the importances of the album.
Liam, Sunderland

It gets better each time. A Masterpiece.Shows, behind all the headlines, Pete and Carl were pairing to match any music writer in history.The second album weren't too bad either!
Dan, London

Favourite album ever, every song is amazing, songs such as Time For Heroes, Up the Bracket and The Good Old Days are awe inspiring.
Guy, Stamford

I still listen to at least one track from this album everyday and my favourite song changes all the time. This album has stood the five year test for me which now qualifies it to be in my top 5 albums ever. Personally the Best debut album of all time and most prolific lyrics i've heard. The fact that the Libertines are no more makes this album a true classic.
Simon, Ellesmere Port

I remember I stopped doing my homework to be in awe of this album the first time i put it on. Once it finished, I smiled and put it straight back on. So much Influence, emotion and character. One I'll make my kids listen to in 20 years!
JG, Chelmsford

Most important album since Definately Maybe, I'd say. With every year that goes by it gets regarded as more and more of a classic album, its great its getting the appreciation it deserves. Very little comes close, its brilliant, Pete and Carl as a songwriting duo produced such genius on this album, perhaps its best it was shortlived as we were left with this untainted piece of geniuswhat an albumimmensethe good old days
Fergal Kinney, Blackburn

The Libs created this wave of new guitar bands of the past few years. The talent of the Arctic Monkeys would probably not have even surfaced if Pete and Carl hadn't got together. Up the bracket is in my opinion one of the best and most raw albums of the past 20 years - it is more than a lyricaly perfect album about modern Britain. It was the base for all british guitar bands to follow. The Strokes did it in the US, the Libs did it much better in th UK. Pete and Carl separately work well and create great music. Pete is lyrical genius, but together it is all about the chemisty they have.
Trev, Notts

I look back at this period with nothing but fondness and pleasure, The Libertines - and Pete 'n' Carl especially - were truly special.For a band that moved from great peaks to absolute lows, up the bracket marks one of The Libertines finest moments, the words brought to the forefront and what great lyrics they were, Pete displayed a unique talent, peerless.It is hard not to think of the bad times and the ultimate sadness brought by the bands demise, stick on up the bracket though and you can remember everything that was great about this special band
Tom, St Albans

I bought this album when I was living in America for 6 months and I fell in love with it, its Britishness just shone out to me and reminded me of home! It has so many great tracks that scream originality, and lyrically Carl and Pete were the most impressive song writing team this country has produced in years! Forget the drugs and the heartbreak, this is Britain's real Rock n' Roll renaissance , reigniting a scene that still had a Britpop hangover. Up the Libertines, Up the Albion and definitely Up the Bracket !
Stack, Derby

Words cannot describe how this album makes me feel, it is utterly amazing.
Oliver Craig, London

Excellent, see what the real pete can produce.
Chris, Leeds

My favourite album ever. I still get goosebumps when I hear the opening of vertigo. The partnership between Carl and Pete was just amazing. And The Good Old days is a masterpiece. Love it.
Claire, Wakefield

Peter and Carlos are modern day heroes. This album is sheer genius. I was amazed when I first heard it. To be honest I don't know what music I'd listen to if I didn't have The Libs. I love other bands but I always come back to them. They gave us all something to believe in.
Jel, Kent

"I think I should have no other mortal wants, if I could always have plenty of music. It seems to infuse strength into my limbs, and ideas into my brain. Life seems to go on without effort, when I am filled with music."Music = UTB. It was my soundtrack to growing up and I can’t believe it’s been nearly 5 years since I first heard it (6 since release). The awe and excitement remains with me still.Pete, Carl, John and Gary crafted something special, they made myself and many others proud to be British by infusing wit, charm and intelligence into frantic yet melodic songs. They inspired kids to get lost in books and write verse and lyrics, many of these now in their own bands continuing with the “Arcadian Dream” of The Libertines. They created the guerrilla gig which made fans into friends. They even gave away albums worth of new material on the internet (all found at proving their pure passion for making music was driving them, not money. Up The Bracket was the beginning of all of this which is why the album will always be incredibly special to me, a masterpiece for sure.*“If you’ve lost your faith in love and music oh the end won’t be long”*
The Mocking Bird, On A Rock

Up The Libertines!

up the bracket is an amazing album.takes me back to when music was crying out for an album and a band like this. shame that they imploded like they did but we are left with this masterpeice.
chris dickinson,manchester

Great line up, Up the Bracket is utterly brilliant from beginning to end, such energy in that album.
Kat, London

Just because an album hasn't stood the test of time doesn't mean it's not a masterpiece!Up The Bracket defines a generationThe lyrics are beautiful poetry, the chemistry between Pete and Carl can be felt throughout and the songs bring back fond memories for me and my generation.Frankly, it pisses all over the others in my opinion.Bring on the hateHaters :)
Jake, Kent

For my generation, one of the greatest debut albums, perhaps on a par with Definitely Maybe and Whatever People Say I Am, Thats What I'm Not. I still get tingles down my spine when I stick it on the ipod and Vertigo blasts out. Simply sublime!
Thorpy, Manchester

Forget stupid publicity, forget all the problems. It's all about the music. Up The Bracket, absolute genius.
Ali, Telford

Up the bracket is a true masterpiece, pete & carl are untouchable and death on the stairs is the best song ever.

made up the libertines is there
faza, liverpool

Personally my favourite album ever. I still remember the first time i listened to it, each song completely blew me away and still do to this day. The lyrics throughout the songs give a real insight into what a 'Libertine' is and how one would live, think and even breathe.
Ben, Bolton

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Sonar Festival
Sound Of Sonar

Get a taster of the Barcelona festival

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