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Meet the Experts
Aaron Balick
Aaron Balick

Aaron is an expert on all things love, life and friends.

Aaron is a psychotherapist which means he's a specialist at understanding people and helping them solve their problems. He's been a counsellor at London's largest FE college, an online agony uncle, and a therapist for years - so he's heard it all! Here's a bit more about him from the man himself...

Things you love are…
Travel, good food, page-turning books, and DVD box sets of my favourite shows.

Things you dislike are…
Waiting in queues, people with a bad attitude, buses that pass you by in the rain, and UK summers that don't happen!

How do you keep fit?
Go to the gym, do indoor climbing when I can, and the odd adventure holiday or two

How do you cheer yourself up?
Get myself out of the house and go somewhere new, watch a favourite old movie or play my Wii.

What do you get up to on a Saturday morning?
Proper good breakfast with all the trimmings, the smell of hot coffee, and the Sat. papers spread all over the floor.

Your favourite treat is…
Hot buttered popcorn and a good flick or two!

Coming out?

The Surgery opens on Sunday 10pm - midnight on Radio 1.

For advice outside these hours call 0800 1 10 100 or visit our advice pages.

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