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What's Scott up to in Edinburgh?

From 16th August, Scott Mills and Nick Grimshaw will be doing their Radio 1 shows live from the Edinburgh Festival. And following the success of "Scott Mills - The Musical" last summer, the team will each be doing a "One Man Show" at the Fringe.

On Monday night, The One That Doesn't Speak will be performing Silent But Deadly, a night of music and maybe even some dance.

On Tuesday night, Nick Grimshaw will be doing a show called Team Hate which is basically a Powerpoint presentation about things he doesn't like!

On Wednesday night, Beccy will be Live & Loose with her stand-up comedy routine.

And on Thursday night, Scott will unveil The Bjorn Identity, which is basically The Bourne Identity with the songs of Abba!

The videos of the One Man Shows will be online here the day after each show. And there'll also be live streaming of Scott's radio show live between 4-7pm Mon-Fri.

Keep up to date with everything happening at Edinburgh on Scott's blog

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