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::: 03/10/2005 - Adaadat Label Showcase - Boston Rodriguez and DK7 Album Preview

Roots Manuva - 'Seat Yourself' (12") - (Ninja Tunes)
Fourtet - 'A Joy' (12") - (Domino)

Boston Rodriguez - Album Showcase - LP The President Is Dead Long Live Boston Rodriguez) - (Little League Productions)
Boston Rodriguez - 'Stig'
Boston Rodriguez - 'Play Good'
Boston Rodriguez - 'Live At Fillet of Soul 77'
Boston Rodriguez - 'Where's The Party'
Boston Rodriguez - 'Looking Forward To NYE 3000'

Adaadat Label Showcase
Cow'P - 'Punks In Skum Shop' (LP- Cow'P Vs Kema Keur) - (Adaadat)
Utabi - '3 Tennies' (LP- Manchurian Candy) - (Adaadat)
Donna Summer - 'Feast of Recognition' (LP- Donna Summer Vs Ove Naxx) - (Adaadat)
Ove Naxx - 'B Gay In Tsutenkaku feat. Wolf Pack' (LP Donna Summer Vs Ove Naxx) - (Adaadat)
DJ 100000000 - 'Sukebe' (7") - (Adaadat)
Doddodo - 'HxCx Death' (LP- Trade & Distribution Almanac Volume 2) - (Adaadat)
Ommm - 'Emac' (LP- Testing The Equipment) - (Adaadat)
DJ Scotch Egg - 'Scotch Chicken' (LP- KFC Core) - (Adaadat)
Germlin - 'Death Pixxel' (LP- Youth Pixxel) - (Addadat)
Bruno & Michel Are Smiling + Skipperrr - 'The Beach of Ruined Spirits' (7") - (Adaadat)

DK7 - Album Showcase - LP Disarmed - (Output Records)
DK7 - 'Difference'
DK7 - Heart Like A Demon'
DK7 - Where's The Fun'

Boards of Canada - 'Chromakey Dreamcoat' (LP- Campfire Headphase) - (Warp)
Coldcut - 'Mr Nicholls' (12") - (Ninja Tunes)
Amit - 'Re-Order' (12") - (Commercial Suicide)
Tracer AMC - 'Song for V' (LP- Islands) - (We Love Records)
Black Dog - 'Dog Style' (12") - (Dust Science Recordings)
Boards of Canada - 'Dayvan Cowboy' (LP- Campfire Headphase) - (Warp)
The Pathways - 'Productivity' (LP- Boat of Confidence) - (Recommended If You Like Records)
Special A - 'Roadkill' (12") - (Bingo)

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