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OneMusic Festive 50

The first OneMusic Festive 50 as voted by listeners of Huw Stephens, Rob da Bank and Ras Kwame.

Jegsy Dodd
1.  Jegsy Dodd
     Grumpy Old Men
     (LP - Wake Up & Smell The Offy)
     (Piffle)  Interview

Davey from The Crimea
2.  The Crimea
     Lottery Winners On Acid
     (LP - Tragedy Rocks) (Warner)

Arctic Monkeys
3.  Arctic Monkeys
     Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor
     (single) (Domino)

King Creosote
4.  King Creosote
     (single) (Domino)

The Arcade Fire
5.  The Arcade Fire
     Rebellion (Lies)
     (LP - Funeral) (Merge Records)

Early Years
6.  Early Years
     All The Ones And Zeros
     (single) (Beggars Banquet)

Camera Obscura
7.  Camera Obscura
     I Love My Jean
     (single) (Elefant)

Radio 1 logo
8.  Ollo (The Ask Betty or
      Freddie Queenspiracy Mix)

     Lord Lucan Is Still Missing
     (12") (12 Apostles)

9.  Steveless
     (LP - Popular Music In Theory) (Cherryade)
     One Man Bands special

Laura Cantrell
10. Laura Cantrell
     Bees (LP - Humming By The Flowered Vine)

11. Paranormal
     Movin Twistin Groovin
     (white label) (unsigned)

12. Evils
     Pig F***ker
     (white label) (unsigned)

13. Listen With Sarah
     Another Nice Mix
     (7") (Womb Records)

14. The Fall
     (LP - Fall Heads Roll) (Sanctuary)

15. DJ Riko
     Whistler's Delight
     (12") (Prank Monkey)

16. Misty's Big Adventure
     The Story Of Love
     (single) (SL Records)

17. Autochtone
     The Last Thing She Ever Said
     (white label) (unsigned)

18. Hunting Lodge
     Don't Touch My Neck
     (white label) (unsigned)

19. Half Man Half Biscuit
     Joy Division Oven Gloves
     (LP - Achtung Bono) (Probe Plus)

20. Rory McVicar
     Little One
     (white label) (unsigned)

21. Pipettes
     Dirty Mind
     (single) (Memphis Industries)

22. Antony & the Johnsons
     Hope There’s Someone
     (LP - I Am A Bird Now) (Secretly Canadian)

23. Malcolm Middleton
     Break My Heart
     (LP - Into The Woods) (Chemical Underground)

24. 65 Days Of Static
     Drove Through Ghosts To Get Here
     (One Time For All Time) (Montreme)

25. Jegsy Dodd
     All I Ever Wanted Was You
     (LP - Wake UP & Small The Offy) (Piffle Records)

26. Kid Carpet
     Your Love
     (single) (Tired & Lonesome)

27. Radio Luxembourg
     Pwer Y Fflwe

28. DJ Scotch Egg
     Tetris Wonderland
     (LP – KFC Core) (Adaadat)

29. The Fall
     What About Us
     (LP – Fall Heads Roll) (Sanctuary Records)

30. Mother & The Addicts
     Take The Lovers Home Tonight
     (single) (Chemical Underground)

31. The Wedding Present
     I’m From Further North Than You
     (LP – Take Fountain) (Scopitones)

32. The Fall
     I Can Hear The Grass Grow
     (LP – Fall Head Roll) (Sanctuary Records)

33. Cuban Boys
     The Nation Needs You
      (single) (White Label)

34. Decoration
     I Tried It, I Liked It, I Loved It
     (LP – Don’t Disappoint Me Now) (SL Records)

35. Aluminum Babe
     Everything 2 Me
     (single) (Velocity Recordings)

36. Acid Casuals
     Bowl Me Over
     (single) (Placid Casual)

37. Delgados
     Girls Of Valour
     (single) (Chemikal Underground)

38. Art Brut
     Emily Kane
     (LP – Bang Bang Rock & Roll)
     (Banana Recordings/Fierce Panda)

39. Go! Team
     Bottle Rocket
     (LP – Thunder, Lightening, Strike) (Mephis Industries)

40. Son Of Dave
     (LP – Son Of Dave 02) (Kartel)

41. Suicidal Birds
     Me Animal
     (LP – Z-List) (Transformed Dreams)

42. Kate Bush
     King Of The Mountain
     (LP – A Sea Of Honey/A Sky Of Honey)  (EMI)

43. Mugstar
     My Baby Skull Has Not Yet Flowered
     (7”) (Lancashire & Somerset Records)

44. Wax Audio
     (Metal Postcard)

45. Deerhoof
     Green Cosmos
     (EP – Green Cosmos) (ATP Records)

46. Stabmaster Vinyl
     Masho Fe Lan Star
     (LP – Masho Fe Lan Star) (High Quality Recordings)

47. Benjamin Zephaniah
     Rong Radio Station
     (LP Naked) 

48. Architecture in Helsinki
     Do The Whirlwind
     (LP In Case We Die) (Moshi Moshi Records)

49. Fleeing New York
     Hollywood Bowl (LP AOK)
     (White Label)

50. Richie Hawtin
     The Tunnel
     (LP - DE9/Transitions) (Novamute)


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