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Brit Awards 2005
Brits25: Did your favourites get awards?
Last updated 09 February 2005

The Scissor SIsters arriving at the awards

The Brits25 awards have been handed out, with Scissor Sisters being the biggest winners of the night, picking up all three awards that they were nominated for.

For a full list of winners click here.

Keane, Franz Ferdinand and Joss Stone each picked up two awards, and artists such as Muse, McFly and Eminem also got a gong.

But we want to know what you think. Do you reckon the right bands won, or would you have liked to have seen other artists, maybe Jamelia or Lemar, get an award? Do you think that Dizzee Rascal, rather than Joss Stone should have won Best Urban Act, or perhaps you think she's a worthy winner? Whether you reckon they got it 100% right, or were way off the mark, let us know....

the streets are band for gods sake! How can THEY win best solo male. His BANDMATE collected it for him! Obviously a Band!!!!

i can not belive scissor sisters won best international group green day deserves it they rock, but i am sooooooooo happy mc fly won best pop act.

Green Day should have won best international group they are punk rock gods and Billie Joe is a genius song writer, what afantastic live performance certainly out shone the others!!!!!!

it should have been: best male- will young. best urban act-Jamelia. breakthrough act- natasha bedingfield. best single-dry your eyes. All the others seem fine to me.

the only thing i care bout is why dint Razorlight,Goldie lookin chain or my fav band LOSTPROPHETS get a nomination its a disgrace!

Im soooo pleased that will young picked up bes single though i would have liked to see him pck up best male .Mayb now after winning this award ppl will start to realise that he isnt just the person who won pop idol hes been around for3 years now cut him some slack and give him the praise he deserves

im glad muse won best live act they totally deserved it.greenday shoulda won summit nd y did franz win so many there gr8 but there not really a rock band in my opinion

Franz ferdinand deserved best rock and best group! But i still think they should of won brittish album! Keanes album is good but it is really depressing!!! I love Franz Ferdinand... they are the best band in britain nomatter what anybody says.. if they weren't good why did they win it?? everybody else in britain voted for them so you can't knock them, nobody's forcing ppl to buy the songs!!! (and they're from glasgow!!... even better!!)....

Can someone please tell me why Joss Stone who sings in a soulful style is having so much success? There are loads of black british female singers out there who can sing better than her and not given the chance. I can't stand her and NO she dose not deserve her Brits she should get her own style and leave soul singing to people who really know how to sing. Lemar should have won the Urban Brit.

OMG! i am sooo happy mcfly won they deserve it so much! and they r so hot! but Green Day not winning, wots with?! scissor sisters are way to over rated!

I'm soo happy that mcfly won they seemed so excited about it, and tom looked like he was about to cry.They definitely deserved it!!!!Well done 2 joss stone as well!!!!

zoe (yellow giant)
im askin you oh why WHY didnt franzi babi win all five??!! they deserved all of them but well done anyway guys u so totally rock !!!

Graham Weir
I love the Scissor Sisters ! Worthy winners. They will always have a special place in my heart !

I totally agree with all you people who thought Green Day should have won best International! Scissor Sisters soooo should not have won it and U2 should have won best international album NOT Scissor Sisters! I do NOT like Scissor Sisters!!!

WOT IS WRONG WITH U PEOPLE????!!!! WHY did Green day not win anything? They r the best band around ever, they rock.Down with the scissor sisters. they are rubbish. i luv billie joe !!!!!

Scissor Sisters are AWFUL, as are Keane, FF and The Streets. Why didnt the Killers, Snow P, Greenday or Lemar win??????????????????????

Robbie rocks and totally deserves the award he got!!

What happenned to Snow Patrol and Kasabian? And why did Razorlight not even get a nomnation? Franz deserved what they got but Joss Stone didn't! Expect Coldplay, Athlete and kaiser Chiefs to feature next year. Does anyone know if Radiohead have ever won any Brits?

i love greenday and it would have been good to see them get an award

Why didn't dizzee rasacal win best urban act he was really the only urban act in that category.Joss Stone is not very street is she?

I'm soooooo glad that Will won best song. He is a true talent and looked very fit!!!! I was upset Natasha Bedingfield didn't win because she is wicked!!!

The Streets, best Male? there were two of them. Should have gone to Will Young. Well done Will, Robbie and Joss.

Great to see Muse get best live performance, and Keane's awards were also well deserved, but Franz Ferdinand are completely overrated and I don't think Joss Stone should have got best urban. Green Day deserved something, and Will Young should have got best male - that was a no brainer!

i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohappy scissor sisters won all three they deserve them i think snow patrol and killers should have one something well done keane franz ferdinand gwen stefani i love them day were amazing absolutley fin amazing.dont get me wrong mcfly r an ok pop act but girls aloud so deserve best pop i love thoughs girls there albums great too il ove tem

well done mcfly! They really deserved to win best pop act, they seemed so chuffed that they won! i think that they were easily the best out of their category but had some stiff competition from natasha bedingfield and girls aloud. it just shows how big a fan base they have got! Well done guys

am i the only one who doesnt think scissor sisters should have won 3?! U2 should have won!

Lauren Pettit
I'm over the moon that McFly won Best Pop Act! They deserved it! They ALWAYS sing live and they do it well. I'm pleased Muse won Best Live Act as their performance on The Brits last year was awesome!

McFly deserved to win best pop act!

Well Done to Will Young for winning best single , you deserved it And You should of won Best Male!!!

Ok - excuse me for being the thick, but how did The Streets get best SOLO male, when he isnt a solo act???? Well done to McFly they soooo derserved the pop award. But Green Day, Snow Patrol and Natasha Bedingfield should of all won something. Also well done to Joss stone!!

totally agree with hannah green day should have won theyre great and they performace was brill. Glad mcfly won they deserve it i love them. well done to keane scissor sisters n franz ferdinand. surprised killers didnt win they rock and razorlight are excellent oh well theres always next year

Graham Weir
Love the Sister Sisters sooooo much ! They were fantastic ! And all those awards too - splendid work guys !

I can't believe Snow Patrol went away empty handed - that album is awesome!

Muse should have got best rock, group and album, but you cant have everything. Keane best album? I think not. Maybe biggest selling bland award. And in answer to RS, Joss stone is from DEVON and makes SOUL music, so thats why she aint urban! Rock on Muse, and devon in general!

Why were the streets nominated for best male? Aren't they a group! Will Young - Leave Right now nominated for best song of the last 25 years!! As if! there are many better songs! and i havent even heard the song "Your Game"

Will young best song? youre havin a laugh! cant believe snow patrol didnt win anything but the two best bands this year, franz and the scizzor sisters, got what they deserved. but franz should of got best album.

Will young best song? youre havin a laugh! cant believe snow patrol didnt win anything but the two best bands this year, franz and the scizzor sisters, got what they deserved. but franz should of got best album.

Snow Patrol are an amazingly talented band, I am absolutely gutted they never received anything at the awards. Go Scissor Sisters though, well deserved!!

i think that green day should of won group. even though i think mcfly are allright i dont think they should of won.glad keane won

as much as i luv the scissor sisters and they deserved an award there is no way they should have bet greenday and U2!! i mean why didn't greenday win their awards?! billie joe you are my idol and also what's with robbie winning the greatest song in the last 25 years and will young being nominated for it??!! queen should have got that award! but im glad about joss stone, muse, franz ferdinand and the streets!

greenday rocked the whole show!!!

Gary Finlay
How can the brits justify Gwen Stefani as best international female? Gwen is very talented but has only just released her first SOLO album. ANASTACIA should have won having released her fantastic third album, the sixth best selling album of 2004, and started her amazing Live at Last tour! Well done to Joss Stone she deserved her awards! I can only assume that the brits nominations commitee has never heard of Katie Melua!

glad mcfly won.razorlight sholuld have been up for best album!!! nice to see muse winning an award 4 best live act.

Jo Brown
Excuse me has everyone forgotten the wonderfully majestic Kasabian? Definitely should have won best new act.

why didn't morrissey win best male solo artist? im sure these award cermonies are a fix. the streets who are a band and not a solo act won it over morrissey. what a joke! morrissey has had the best year and keeps on getting better. give it to a real music legend and not some jumped up rappers!

Snow patrol should have won best band and best album. I don't know how I would have got through 2004 without the Final Straw to listen to and draw strength from. Their music makes a difference to people's lives!

Joss Stone definitely deserved both of her awards, she's had an amazing year!! As for the Streets being best male? Last time I checked they were a group and Mike Skinner could never dream of matching up to artists such as Will Young and Lemar when it comes down to vocal ability. Very disappointed that Snow Patrol and Maroon 5 got nothing, but I guess they can all win...

Who says Joss Stone is not an Urban act? The award was voted for by MTV Base viewers not record company execs! Why is Jamelia more Urban than Joss? Because of her colour? Jamelia sounds like Pop to me. Who has the soul? Joss or Jamelia? Is Urban a colour? A class? Before answering check your own prejudices, be they white middle class liberal prejudices, or black separatist "urban" prejudices.

Snow Patrol have written the most amazing album with final straw. Frustrating for them not to win anything and maybe introduce more people to their music. They are truly gifted!

Well Done to Joss Stone for gettin best female but i thought best urban should have went to Lemar or Jamelia. Will Young should have won best male, Girls Aloud should have won best pop, Usher should have won best int.male. The Bedingfields performance was them tryin to out sing each other!

Why is everyone giving Joss Stone such a hard time? It's not her fault that she won Best Urban Act. The public voted for her. Well done to the girl. Where were Razorlight? And why was 'Thank You' by Jamelia nominated ahead of 'See It In A Boy's Eyes'?

woooo!!! gooo McFly!! Best pop Act!! woop!

Green Day should have won international group, they totally rock! well done joss stone though, you go girl! the ...hello there are so many other artists that deserved best male!!! great show though!

Disgusted Snow Patrol didn't win anything!

i can't believe Green Day, the biggest and best punk rock act on the planet didn't get their 2 awards. Scissor Sisters are way too over-rated. BILLIE JOE I LOVE YOU!!

Why didn't Natasha Bedingfield, or Jamelia, or Kanye West win anything? Oh yeah, and I think they forgot to include the Cheeky Girls and Peter Andre in the best song category...

Bobby Walliams
"Angels" best song since 1980 .What a farce. Human League - Dont You Want Me, Spandau Ballet -True, Duran Duran - Save A Prayer, FGTH -Relax, Paul Young - Wherever I Lay My Hat, Police - Every Breath You Take, Tears For Fears Mad World, Oasis - Wonderwall, Pulp - Common People, Sinead O'Connor - Nothing Compares 2U, Pet Shop Boys -It's a Sin, Blur - Song 2 or Parklife, U2 Beautiful Day..need I go on. Robbie is very average and always will be.

QUALITY Keane got what the deserved shame they didnt take a clean sweep. suprised i thought that the group who took the best british group would then take the best british album so it was superb when they said Keane had won it. shame snow patrol walked away empty handed. Keep the music coming Keane. Hopes and Fears is a must buy album. KEANE!!!

Well done Muse, Scissor Sisters, Joss Stone, Keane and Franz Ferdinand. I would have liked Lemar and Jamelia to have won something cos they performed brilliantly. So did the Scissor Sisters, Franz Ferdinand, Keane and Greenday too I suppose. I'm glad Gwen Stefani won something too. Thought Snow Patrol should have won something too and Razorlight wasn't nominated at all? Shame. WELL DONE MCFLY I KNEW YOU'D WIN BEST POP ACT I LOVE YA!

Why was the whole night about Franz Ferdinand. Scissor Sisters got the most awards, FF got 2 same as Joss Stone and Keane! Why did they not get that much recognition? All the time it was how great Franz are and how they have also been nominated for 3 Grammys. Whoop de dooo. They got two Brit awards and are nominated for 3 Grammys and nobody else was....Oh wait yes their was. JOSS STONE! Deseerved both of her awards and her 3 Grammy nominations. What a shame no one seemed to mention all this during the awards. JOSS STONE & SCISSOR SISTERS RULE!!! (anf Franz are cool 2 lol)

I have been trying to have a say since! This is most unfair! All I wanna say is that I really didnt think Joss Stone shoulda won the urban award. Also I wish Jamelia had won at least one and I'm happy for the scissor sisters!!!

alex manc
scissor sisters r pretty gud but cumon brits ppl The Killers are so unbelievably good!U2 discarded again,zutons got nothin but delighted aboot keane and franz.libertines and razorlight where wer they best 2 british bands in the past year!what bout ordinary boys!who chooses these????

The brits wll tear me apart for not picking joy division's "love will tear us apart" what the bloody hell, don't get me wrong, but robbie is no JD.

you all so negative. Scissor sister deserved al there awards there amasing. joss stone derserved best female, n best break through but that went to keane who also deserved it so urban it a good substitute. Gwen is amasin n deserved hers. the only thing i did agree with was the pop act, natasha deserved at least this one.

Just been watching the Brits and the Angels duet with Joss Stone and Robbie was amazing. Joss is definately a deserving winner of the best Brit. female

I would love to have seen Green Day get an award! They've rocked for years and deserved to get a Brit. Also, well done to McFly who won Best Pop Act - I think they were abit surprised when they won! Weren't they?! x

Green Day deserved best international group, scissor sisters are not worthy!

I think Girls Aloud should have won best pop act because they are the best band and they can actually sing unlike mcfly.

Bolan pretty boogie
Robbie beat Queen?What have we come to...!?

im really dissappointed that kasabin didnt receive one, however, im really gutted that natasha bedingfield didn't get one. But Joss Stone n Scissor Sisters are fantastic, well done! But R1 voters, Keane??? they sound the same

I don't know why everyone is whining about Jamelia being robbed, she shoul feel lucky even getting a nomination. She definatly was robbed of something: singing talent!!! No offense meant... Joss Stone obviously deserved it (Jamie cullum should have won as well)

I think it's great Joss Stone won 2 awards and I'm happy for McFly as well, but Jamie Cullum should've won at least 1 award 'cuase he's an amazing (live)artist, he definetley deserves it!!! I just don't understand...

I really did wish Jamelia would win an award! Woulda been nice, the girl is soooo talented.

I am extremely pleased that Joss won her awards and she thoroughly deserved them. She has been the most outstanding of british talent without a doubt. And yes she is urban and she does a great urban style in her own way! I have seen her live and i can say she is great- awesome. Franz Ferdinand? Please do we not have anything better than that?!! Kate Bush was the better of the songs!! Joss is sexy too! :D

Can't believe it ... Will Young should have picked up gong for Best Male, especially with his 2 sell out tours last year.

Well done to Scissor Sisters, an fantastic album hope the next one will be out soon

OMG! How did MAroon 5 not get an award! Sure sissor sisters a good band BUT not to win all three! Well Hope Maroon 5 grad some at the Grammys that openeing ceromony sounds great!

Muse definately should have won best rock, and probably best british band too! franz ferdinand are good but not really rock, but as someone said anybody weilding a guitar is seen as 'rock'. nevermind though, at least they won best live act and there's always next year. congratulations to all the winners though, even if they werent the best or most appropriate for their catagory! and well done to all the others too!

Snowpatrol should have been awarded something for their hard work, effort and AMAZING WONDERFULL talent!!! ;) After seeing Them in Cardiff for the Tsunami concert, im hooked on them for life! I Love franz ferdinand but, Snowpatrol rule the roost on this one! Wel done lads, you've won an award in my brit life!

claire b
Dead chuffed with the Brits results. Im sooo glad Scissor Sisters won not only 1 but 3 awards, great stuff for a fun, fab and utterly funky band. Top 2 bands im glad got the recognition they so deserve are Scissor Sisters and Keane.... what lovely boys they are ;-) xx

I was pleased that the Scissor Sisters, Keane, and McFly won awards as they're my favourite bands but I'm quite sad that Natasha Bedingfield didn't win because she has got an amazing talent and she deserved to win one.

im so happy that mcfly won pop act, but where were greenday? they definately deserved to win!!!!

i think half were about right, u2 for international band at least, and franz ferdinand or libertines should have won best brittish album and not rock act (muse) i dont like keane all of there songs sound the same but there we go. the two best song awards were rubbish, natasha should have won single this yr and from the last 25 yrs both wonderwall and with or without you are better than angels

A bit strange that Muse win the best live act award and don't actually perform live at the awards!!! They should have won more. Also, Scissor Sisters better than Green Day? Never!

Fair results, on the whole, but NO WAY is Joss Stone Urban! Also how can The Streets be Best Male when he can't do the one thing the other nominees do brilliantly... sing? Scrap the Best Urban category and give us Best Male/Female Singers and Best Rapper. Then for Mike to blank the people who gave him the award and not bother collecting it - what a spoilt brat! I bet he didn't turn down all the free food & drink!

extremely dissapointed about Greenday! scissor sisters are well krap!

susie sus
I think Scissor Sisters awards are TOTALLY deserved - they are the best thing to happen to music last year. 'Angels' best song in 25 years - I don't think so....

Elaine, Cheshunt
Will Young should have won Best Male! He has had such a great year. 'Angels'?? best single in the past 25 years, your having a larf!!

Whats going on guys? Muse quite obviusly are the best rock act, best live act and best british band. Yes it was competitive and franz are a good band but muse are quite obviously a "better" band. Shame on whoever didnt put greenday, the killers, keane, embrace, Razorlight Snow patrol ect in there too! Will young winning best song! Robbie williams winning best song of the past TWENTY FIVE years! O well brits, better luck next year...

I don't see hwy the brits jumped on the bandwagon and gave scissor sisters 3 awards, but Keane really deserved theirs, and I can't wait to see their performance!!

Lisa SS
I think that we keep loosing the importance of these types of awards. I mean Robbie Williams winning best song in 25 years for Angels!! PLEASE!! Where have you BEEN for the last 25 years!!.. And Will Young, Best Single!! This is exactly the overproduced RUBBISH that is forced upon us in this day and age!.. When will the REAL talent be acknowledged! Well done Scissor Sisters, Keane, Muse, and of course our very own Sir Bob Geldof! The rest of you, sheer luck! I'm afraid you didn't deserve the awards you received!! Publicity! That's all this is, and it's a mockery of the British Music Industry!. Remember, The Smiths, The Specials, U2, UB40, Phil Collins, The Kinks, Rolling Stones (to mention a mere 'splattering' of names) and so many more BRITISH bands that deserve awards!.. Mockery!


Where wasa Oasis. That ceremony needs them, british music needs em back, next yrs awards theyll be back new album n all! Noel N Liam rule!!!!

i agree with the awards that keane and scissor sisters got cos they are awesome! not sure bout 'mcfly' tho they are pretty CRAP!!! i love keane!!!

Muse should have won Best Rock-seeing as they were the ONLY Rock band on the list and they are an amazing band. Glad they won Best Live act though. Green Day were also robbed of best International Group. By the Scissor Sisters as well! green day are the BEST band in the world!!!! Anyone who saw them on thier recent tour would agree. They are fantastic!

I am so happy for McFly. They really deserved to win Best Pop Act. I think Green Day should've won Best international group, but I love the Scissor Sisters too, so well done to them. So happy Kean won 2!

Well done MUSE!!!!!U R ACE!!!I like Franz Ferdinand but I wish Muse won more awards. I think they are brill. Truly the greatest band going!!!!!!


well done to Scissor Sisters for their awards and im glad The Steets have been recognised.. but Joss Stone !! am i the only one who is totally annoyed by the way she sings

Robbie Perfectly well deserved the prize. Who else deserved it? NO ONE!! come on what´s with the jealousy? Great job Robbie!!

Where was Kanye West????? Undoubtably the best cd of 2004 and no recognition is given in the UK

Yay!! Go keane!! They really deserved their award and they are fab to their fans!

Well done Will Young - Your Game is a brilliant song, and well deserved Best Single Award. Although still not sure how or why The Streets got Best Male - Will should have won this easily.

Why didnt Green Day win? and i hate Joss Stone with a passsion!!!!!wat is this about the Bedingfeilds???they both are soooooooo bland! Libertines should have won something tho. Im gutted!

Green day easily deserved to win best international band. Scissor sisters are ok but green day are on another level, but at least they should win one of the 7 grammys they are nominated for saturday! Also glad gwen stefani won, she deserved it, and looked so hot!

Anyone who thinks 'Angels' by Robbie Williams is the best British song of the last 25 years should be tarred and feathered!

yay! go mcfly!

Will Young's single Your Game is a fantastic song and he deserved to win. If there had been a category for the best video as well he would have won hands down. And I agree with Daniel above, he was robbed of the best male solo. I'm glad Sissor sisters and Keane got awards, fully deserved, but disappointed that Jamelia walked away empty handed. As for Robbie winning the best song award and complaining about it, you have only yourselves to blame as you voted for it! Personally I prefer Will Young's LRN,its a beautiful ballad.

Streets best male - that's a group what the heck? WILL YOUNG (heck he can blooming sing and he's pretty darn gorgeous) shoulda won....not a 'mad' fan but he shoulda won....Some of the winners laughable what a big joke on the British public who buy the cds, download the singles etc

I mean Joss Stone pleeeeeasssseeee, How on earth she deserved best urban I don't know. It should of been Jamelia with out a doubt. Also I don't think Robbie should of one the best song etc but then it was a public vote at least.

Green Day should have won best international group

Since when did Joss Stone become Urban????? Glad Keane got 2 awards as I think Franz Ferdinand are a little overrated. I also think that there must be better records in the last 25 years than "Angels". And who is PJ Harvey?

Well done to Muse!! totally deserved best live act! should have won best album and best rock band! best rock band of the year (and ever!) without doubt. well done Scissor Sisters too.

CONGRATULATIONS TO MCFLY!!!! wasnt surprised they won tho, they absolutley deserved to win Best Pop Act. Although, Dougie said he was gonna get naked if they won,wot happened there?!!!

What about Snow Patrol - they really deserved an award! Well done Joss Stone. I saw her in Exeter and she was amazing!

I'm gutted Green Day didn't win best international group. They deserve it so much, they've single handedly kept punk afloat and at the same time brought it to the masses since ever since 1994 and without them you wouldn't have your artists like Blink 182, Sum 41, The Offspring. Billie Joe is one of the best songwriters of my generation and it's a shame that a band that have sold 6.5 million copies of their latest record in little more than 5 months don't get recognised for it. shambles!

I think Franc Ferdinand deserved more than 2 Brits. This is the real breakthrough of the year. Also I hoped that Kasabian would have one aword. They really worth it. But MC fly, what kind of band is that? Where were that producers or experts loking. They`ve chosen the most awful band I ever seen!

omg!!!snow patrol won nothing...wot is tht all about?! the final straw was the best album in years!!im shocked!!razorlight not even nominated....ur having a laugh!!joss stone isnt urban tht award shouldve gone 2dizzee, muse were the only rock act in their category so WHY didnt they win?!? angles is a good song but hardly the best of the last 25years!!!!! ergh the brits are a joke!!

What about the Zutons?? They should have won best breakthrough!! And Angels as best sinlge-makes the brits look like a total sham!!!!

WILL YOUNG:BEST SONG - someone is having a laugh.....

Jamelia robbed, Greenday robbed...rubbish! Muse award the only saving grace!

There's been so many great songs this year (eg: Laura, Run, Vertigo....)- can't believe 'Your Game' won! Usher should've won best int. male not Eminem. Glad Keane won best album -anyone who slates them obviously hasn't listened 2 Hopes and Fears.

I don't get why all the negativity about some of the winners...Robbie's 'Angels' is an anthem, a classic song. It definitely deserved to win. It got my vote, and that of the nation.

Where was Snow Patrol's award, they well deserved something alot more than those muppets Franz Ferdinand who just cannot sing sorry :-(

I have noticed from about that people really dont like Angels by Robbie, I maybe the only one here, but I think Robbie is fantastic and totally diserves to win a Brit and I love Angels its a wicked song can never have too much of Robbie. Its a shame Natasha Beddingfield never one anything I think she is fantastic but I think all in all the awards went to the right people, I love all the music around at the moment!

Bored Of The Beckhams
I want to know why Kings Of Leon; A Ha Shake Heartbreak wasn't even given a mention in the International Album category. Also I believe The Streets deserved the Best Male award much more than Will 'bland' Young, however Morrissey was my personal choice.

i cant believe dizzee rascal didnt get a award!! I hate Joss Stone she shouldnt have got the Urban award because there are so many better urban artists than her!!!!!!!! And why didnt Jamelia get an award!!! Lemar should have also got an award! I dislike all the artists that won an award this year (except the streets and eminem) most of them are boring!!!!

Maroon 5's Album pretty much tops the lot for me, taking the singles aside the whole album shows the funky side of music sadly lacking in 'pop'. Scissor Sisters are OK but the albums simply to not compare musically.

Despite some excellent nominations in the main categories (Group,Album,etc), the best single and best song were a shambles as usual. Will someone please explain to me what all the fuss about Will Young and Mcfly is also, I see no appeal in these bland and talentless acts whatsoever.

How can that guy out The Streets win best male artist with songs like "Dry Your Eyes." Without doubt, Morrissey should have won that award. He has done more for music over the last 25 years than The Streets ever will. He is still inspiring bands to this day. Just take Franz Ferdinand for example. Just another example of how fake the British music industry is.

Joy Divison should have won best song-they've done more for music than Robbie Williams

Joss Stone....Urban Act...? Come on! Big Respect Sissor Sisters, well deserved, you are true hero's!!

scissor sisters are terrible, should have won no awards. usher should have won one


Angel best song in 25 years!!! Can't get my head around that one. No way was it the best song that year never mind in the last 25.

scissor sisters deserved not so shore about franz ferdinand and i knew keane and robbs were gonna win somthin

stinks of a fix, Angels to win the best sond of the last 25years, who are you trying kid. Green Day, U2 won nothing. Killers not nominated for anything at all. Again, just goes to show the brits are truely pathetic awards.

Muse are fab, live at Glasto was amazing they deserve the award. As do Keane. Not sure about Robbies award, 25yrs goes back to 1980, can't be Angels surely!?

chantelle M
i think Avril should have won something because she is the best eva

The streets best solo male?? Will Young totally deserved that award he is the biggest and best solo male singer around, selling out 2 tours this year! what have the streets done?

SNOW PATROL, why didn't they win best live act? - they are fantastic, best live act ever and FINAL STRAW is an utterly amazing album. Its a complete letdown that they walked away empty handed!

I think that Kanye West should have won best international male because he has had a brillant year!

The Streets - Best British Solo artist - r u mad???? Will Young is a better singe by miles!!

The sooner people realise what a sack of pants the Scissor Sisters are the better. Ooh its so cool to be camp! Not... Nice one Muse!

Keane are rubbish with their boring droaning tunes, why are they so overated. Franz ferdinand deserved their awards and they should have won british breakthrough act too! Scissor sisters are the best and I'm so glad they won all 3 nominations, it would have been very wrong if they didn't.

Muse Rule, Should have got more, best live tho, gotta agree best gig i went to last yr without a doubt!

Franz and Razorlight fan
Glad to see franz winning 2 awards, would have been nice if they'd got 3 at least though. Shame Razorlight weren't nominated, and that Snow Patrol and Kasabian didn't come away with anything. Joss Stone should have won nothing because her voice is annoying and the Zutons should have won best breakthrough instead of Keane. Glad to see Muse being recognised for their great live performances. Does anyone know if Radiohead have ever won any awards? Expect to see Kaiser Chiefs and Athlete next year!

Can't believe that Anastacia didn't win Best International Female! Gwen Stefani only released one song at the end of 2004 yet Anastacia had a cracking year. Are you sure the Brits aren't fixed? I'm really pleased that Scissor Sisters and Franz Ferdinand won awards though - they deserved them.

The only awards that were won deservedly were the three the Scissor Sistors picked up. Their music is innovative, funky and a hell of a lot better than the same old same old we're getting from the likes of Keane, Franz Ferdinand, Snow Patrol........sorry nodded off there for a moment. KYLIE should ahve walked it with Best International Female as eveyone bar Anastacia had done Zip. Jamelia was someone who well deserveda Brit, was a shame she missed out.

Am I only the only person in the world that thinks Robbie Williams is a waste of space? Glad Natasha Beddingfield didn't win, she's totally overrated. Dizzee should've won urban and Green Day Best Int'l Group (even though I love the Scissor Sisters).

Matty H
I'm sorry but Angels winning best song is absolutely ridiculous, wonderwall is just better in every possible way..... Annoyed!!

Angels best song of the last 25 years!!! What kind of muppets voted for that one!!

Angels Best Song in the last 25 years your having a laugh. Stinks of giving Mr Williams another Brit Award.

best british male should without a doubt have been Morrissey - brilliant album and 4 top ten singles from it. Will Young for best single? Come on!!!!!! Who votes for these complete bores?????

The only ROCK band in the ROCK catagory were MUSE. Where were Lostprophets? The other nominees are BLAND.

"Your Game" Song of 2004?!?! V.disapointed Greenday didn't get anything. But well done Scissor Sisters

Hayley M
I think Green Day should have got best international group. Other than that the awards got handed out to the right people.


im happy that sissor sisters won 3 awards as they are great, but poor 'killers' missing out. next year they deffo need to win a couple. the album is amazing!!

Think greenday should of definalty won something!!! anyone who has seen them tour WOW! Finally muse getting some awards! at last! xxxx

why, why, why did joss stone win awards? Jamelia was robbed! McFly Deserved theirs tho!

The Brits were way off mark with their awards this year, Robbie winning best song of the last 25 years-surely this is a joke?! Majorly disappointed that Snow Patrol left with nothing, they deserved Best British Group Album! Final Sraw is the best thing to come to come out in such a long time! 2004 was a fantastic year for British indie music, Snow Patrol, Embrace, Damien Rice (both not even nominated!) and The Killers, didn't win a thing. The British music industry is insulting our intelligence if they think Will Young deserves best British Single over other songs such as the beautifully written "Run" by Snow Patrol.

Indeed Green Day were worthy of best international act lets be honest! Well done scissor sisters (rubbish) but talented without doubt and Franz Ferdinand the best band this year without doubt well done for two awards. 2005 promises just as much good music cos 2004 was amazing!

I'm so glad keane won their awards. They so deserved it after having a fantastic 2004! A WOW Green Day ROCKED last nite.

McFly should never of won Best Pop Act. That is a joke. Shame Natasha Bedingfield came away with nothing. She should of won for Best Single and Pop Act. I'm happy to see Joss Stone won Best British female. She deserves it.

Its nice to see that franz ferdinad, did win alot. Don't get me wrong. I like them but don't feel that they are great how some people have been bigging them up? Also I would like to say welldone for muse, top band! really should've won more! I bow down to sir bob geldof. Keane, welldone good band. the streets being a brummy lad myself i would like this dude (mike skinner) But I feel that he is still unstated as an artist. Very understated! I won't say anything more cos I could moan for an aged. So thank you for letting me rant.

glad muse got best live act: they really deserved it - they really are incredible live. don't understand how franz ferdinand got best rock though... they're not really a rock band, but unless the brits become like the grammys with different sections for best rock, best indie, best art pop i suppose anybody wielding a guitar will be labelled rock!

I'm not a McFly fan but credit were it's due. There is more to them than your average boyband. Joss Stone is not urban! Will Young derserves best male. I just dont get Franz Ferdinand. It's just terribly cool to say to say you like them but for tunes, emotion and diversity, Keane, Snow Patrol and Embrace every time. Franz are a real 1 trick pony with only 1 good tune that has now been played to death. And thats not matinee!

yet again pj harvey has been shunned by the brits!wot is wrong with with the people who decide!?and wot about green day?american idiot is a fantastic album.Robbie williams "angels",best song of the last 25 years?????who the hell votes for this rubbish?joy divison should of won, but yet again decent music is being ignored by the masses. the brit awards has again proven it's complete irrelevance within the music industry. having said that, well done to muse and scissor sisters, just for a change, a couple of worthy winners. Next year, please do your industry back slapping in private, so the rest don't have to watch.


Brian Wilson, arguably the greatest songwriter of all time, has just released 'Smile', the most anticipated album in rock history and this does not even feature in the best international album list? Can someone explain how Maroon 5's album is better than this?!!

Well glad that Scissor Sisters walked away with three awards, there album is the freshest thing in a long while - true performers as well!

Well done to the Scissor Sisters...absolutely deserved!! I don't think they was really a wrong decision in any award...can't wait to see the show tonight!

I have to disagree with several above comments: Joss Stone is a fantastic soul singer and fully deserved her awards. It is a shame Jamelia didn't win anything but I think Joss Stone is far more talented vocally and has far more potential for longevity.

Isn't it about time Gary Numan got a lifetime achievement award? He is one of the most sampled musicians in the world, and in my opinion the best. Come on give him the reconition he deserves next year please.

becki nd k8
we both realli happi bout da awards!!! mcfly got wat they deserved best pop act! but we both fink Dizzee Rascal shud of got some thing! nd big up Scissor Sisters on der awards!!! lv becki nd k8 xXx

Im gutted, would have been nice to see Lemar win something. Joss Stone, The Street, I still cant beleive it. Someone please tell me what i watched yesterday was just a very funny joke.

Jamelia was robbed!!!!! All year everyone has been saying how great she is and she didn't get a Brit!! She deserved best song. Well done Franz Ferdinand-they should have got best album and go Scissor Sisters!!!!!!!!!!

the streets winning best male....... wots goin on there?????? cum on britian....

i am disapointed that greenday didnt win for international group, they really deserved that for there work over the past year and i think that there gonna be huge this year 2. Glad 2 c fellow brummie, Mike Skinner, win though he deserves it!

So glad Franz Ferdinand got best band, but they should have got best album. Razorlight should have benn nominated for something and why does Eminem always win best international male??????

im sooooo glad will young won an award!!! and he looked gorgous as ever!!! well done will!!!

I don't think McFly should have won Best Pop Act - it's a shame both Bedingfields went away with nothing! Well done to Will Young though - fully deserved!

Shame Amy Winehouse didn't win the best female award. She'sa not run of the mill but knocks spots off the other nominees with talent!

Muse didn't win best rock!? Yeah i like Franz Ferdinand a lot but they're not really rock. Muse are the best Britsih band ever! Also what about Green Day? They should have won international act!!!!!

Joss Stone shouldn't have got Best Urban Act but she was the one who seemed most moved by receiving her awards, bless

Anna + Dan
Yey McFly!! dougie rules

i can't believe franz ferdinand won best rock act!! how do they constitute a best rock act! muse should have won it and eventhough i love the scissor sisters, green day should have won best international group!

Will Young should have won best male with two sell out tours 2004 and sold over 1.5 million albums - what a joke the streets?!? Cannot understand it...Half the people who won, apart from Robbie, Keane, Joss, Bob and Scissor Sisters will fade into obscurity!! Hope you print this! ps Well down Will winning best single bless ya!!

Didnt see anything of U2 with an awsome recent single and an even better album. They still dont get the recognition they deserve.

Maria O
ah I am so pleased Keane won a few. Yeah I agree with Paul, Snow Patrol deserved an award. Much better than franz ferdinnad. McFly that's pretty bad, how did they get an award???

Joss Stone-best Urban....what!!! But well dont the Scissor Sisters and Franz. I would have liked Razorlight to have been up for best rock though!! And well done to Robbie.

The Streets as Best Male?? You're havin a laugh! Arn't they a group? Angels the best song in the 25 years of the Brits?? Whats going on?... That category has proved to be just another special one off category created with the soul purpose of giving Robbie another brit. The organisers must have been going for comedy value this year. hahaha...Not

How on earth did Joss Stone get awards over Jamelia that is just wrong!

will young "your game" best song of 2004! what are the judging panel on?whatever it is that influences their universe can I have some please?

Unfortunately it looks like we have two award ceremonies - the MOBO's for black artists and the Brits for white artists. A pity.

It's still shocking to know that Lostprophets weren't even nominated!! Well done to Franz though, And Joss Stone = Urban? I think not!

Green Day have released 8 albums and sales around the world top 12 million. Their latest album is an absolute masterpiece. For this not to be recognised by the Brits is an absolute travesty!

I'm Sorry, Mike Skinner of 'The Streets' as Best Male. 'Fridays Child' was the one of the best albums of last year and I don't know what will has to do to won best male.. he was robbed! (Well done Scissor Sisters, well deserved)

Think Kelis should have won best international female, Gwen Stefani is great but she only released one single in 2004

I was hoping Snow Patrol would get a award and why wasn't Ian Brown up for anything???

Where was Natasha Beddingfield?? Think she should have won something!! But Keane are fab too!!! :o)

i still don't understand why the streets got best solo...

Am I the only person in the world who can't stand Angels by Robbie Williams?? Best song from the last 25 years? I don't think so.

Will young should have won BEST MALE. AND BEST SOLO ARTIST

I have to say, I must be the only person in the world who thinks Angels by Robbie Williams is rubbish! But Scissor Sisters won 3 which has made me happy!!

Very Impressed with Best Brit. Female.. Joss has an amazing Voice and kept a totally unique style. Well Done. But Angels BRITs25: The Best Song Award??? Most Bland Boring Cheesy Song Maybe!

Keane winning a award wtf is that about the most boring band at the moment and they win a brit award terrible

I just don't get sissor sisters! Love keane - they deservered more. Razorlight were fabulous this year - but no mention? Why?

How can you call joss stone urban it should have gone to dizzee. ive seen him live and that is real urban !!! he has been robbed.

The Streets was the only award that went to the rightful owner - most of the others were laughable. Joss Stone winning Best Urban? Hoonestly, a joke that wasn't funny.

I am so pleased keane got two awards they deserve it alot. They are one of The best bands around

i reckon franz ferdinnad deserved three who got best album? i think tht franz ferdinand deserved more than most to win that one

muse!! y did franz beat them!! i mean cum on they r good but not as good as muse gawd wot a shame hey!!

nick dawson
will young - best single? is someone somewhere having a laugh? and did McFly win because Busted have split...

Well Done to Scissor Sisters on their 3 awards, well deserved. Bit miffed about The Streets getting best male, another award would have been more appropriate! Best Single went to a worthy winner, great to see Will Young get recognition for his fantastic song. Joss Stone - pleased for her as I think she is an awesome talent. (and a lucky mooo for getting to perform with Robbie!)

loopy lou
the best song - just had to be angels !!!! well done robbie....xxxx

pleased that muse got one but i think they deserved more

shame snow patrol didn't get an award. a great live band who had a brilliant 2004.

Would have been nice to see Jamelia win an award. I wouldn't have necessarily thought that Joss Stone should have won the urban award. Would have also been nice to see the Libertines or Razorlight to be up for best rock act or album.

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