Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

::: Glastonbury 2005
::: Darren Emerson and James Lavelle

::: 26/06/2005 

James Lavelle
Rare Earth 'Get Ready' (Motown)
Robert Plant 'The Enchanter (UNKLE Remix) (White)
Ian Brown 'Time Is My Everything (UNKLE Reconstruction) (Polydor)
Soulwax 'E Talking' (PIAS)
Evil 9 'Unknown' (White Label)
Alex Dolby 'Hazy Ways' (Mantra Breaks)
Evil 9 'Unknown (White Label)
Thomas Anderson 'Washing Up (Tiga Remix)' (Bpitch)
UNKLE & Ian Brown 'Reign (Way Out West Mix)' (Global Underground)
UNKLE 'In A State' (with Moby 'God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters') (Global Underground)

Darren Emerson
Superbadd - Darren Emerson - Underwater Records 
Push Your Body - Sharam Jey - Underwater Records
Born Slippy -Underworld - Junior Boys Own
The Rear - D Ramirez - Slave Records
Freak - Steve Angello mix - White
Cowgirl - Underworld - Junior Boys Own
Phonique fear Die Elfen "Red Dress" (Tiefschwarz Rmx) -  White Label
Hard4slow - Darren Emerson - Underwater Records
Disco Babes From Outer Space (Santos Mix) - Babe Instinct - Mantra Breaks
Hazy Way (Evil 9 Remix) - Alex Dolby - Mantra Breaks 
Alias - Luke Walker - Underwater Records
Washing Up (Tiga Remix) - Tomas Andersson - BPitch Control 
We Interupt This Programme - Coburn - Great Stuff
Digitalism - Zdarlight - Metrobass Records
Everyday I Love You Less And Less - Kaiser Chiefs - B Unique

Your reviews of the mix

Is it just me or does it sound as if Darren Emerson is using Ableton Live? Loved both mixes, one of the best essential mixes in a long way. Would appreciate it if a full tracklisting was posted up.

I dont see why people bother with dj's at festivals, but having witnessed Lavelle first hand it truely was one of the highlights!!ive never seen someone cause such a frenzy at 3pm on a cold afternoon. Truely awesome, the guy is a complete legend!!!

Emmerson blew my mind, that was one far-out mix.
dissonance (California)

Lavelle not my cup of tea. Emerson - a bizarre and pretty awful mix. "A rewind?" No no no. And playing loops of old Underworld tracks out of tune over all his records? Just plain wrong. Crowd seemed to love it though, who I am to talk?
ben patio

Wish i could download this somewhere in decent quality. An excellent Essential Mix, both mixes were good but IMO Emersons was the best Alex Dolby - Hazy Way (evil 9 mix) is a pure tune!! He even played a Kaiser Chiefs track at the end, may sound strange for a dance set but it was a mix that really focussed on the electriccy parts of the track it really was a great way to end!!

lavelle woop the crowds ass this year! wicked set! Darren played good too, loving those tunes D!

the dj marky mix rocked tho. Lets have that one up!

I was there! It was awesome. Have not stopped playing this since. Glasto memories of a dad his daughter and her boyfriend going nuts to James Lavelle. Quality

emersons mixing might not have been seemless but it was an interesting mix, never felt like turning it off. unlike deep dish, couldnt get into their mix at all was bored for most of it.

James Lavelle really improved alot

woooohoooooo! ;-))))))

Was at the lavelle set and remember an excellent tune not included here that used a number of Darth Vader samples, including a simple "Rise!" before each crescendo - anyone know the name of the tune?

James lavelle as I tought the same records that always play, so bad for lavelle because his GU's are great and all his live mixes are the same than this GU's

I was at lavelle, and it was the best set i've ever heard. The radio version really doesn't do it justice and cuts out the best moment from glasto for me when they did the make poverty history thing and then lavelle says, "let's f*ing 'ave" it and pumped out some nasty base :)
David Robinson

Funny funny people comment on here. Mix is nowhere near phenominal. Emeron just played a variety of old tunes, the overall mix was ok. Very over the top unless you have never been clubbing and seen great DJ's play. Seaman last year is quality, Deep Dish last week was good. Get Hernan Cattaneo on the decks

Having not gone to Glasto I'd pay to go back in time to hear this Live!

I thought I must have had mud in my ears when I listened to Emerson at Glastonbury, having listened again I realise he was actually awful!

Outstanding mix if only the rest of world new how to lay grooves like that fan NZ

Good beats...good mix.
Stone, Louisville KY

lavelle was his usual clever self and emerson was, well, emerson...superb all round! cant wait for nxt year

James Lavelle blew me away. Any chance of the track listing?

Hi, Im from Argentina, I often listen the essential, this was a good one. Glastonbury, i don´t know nothing about it but i enjoy the music. Speccialy one song, that was play twice, by both djs, if anyone knows the name or band?, thanks!

I'll be honest, i was only REALLY interested in this mix for hour 1, featuring mr. lavelle himself, and lemme just say he's my freakin hero! this mix is just pure insanity from beginning to end, i noticed a couple of tracks i could ID, Alex Dolby - Hazy Way (evil9 mix) and Britney Spears - Breathe on ME (holden dub) i can't believe he dropped that holden dub! THIS IS A MUST LISTEN if u haven't already!

Phat tunage! amazing, pumpin, funktastic mix! I love it!!!!!

I particularly like the mix between the decks and the audience reaction!

this shows Deep Dish what an e mix is all about... Emerson was perfect in every angle and lavelle can do no wrong!
ezra kirk

And they say dance is dead. Dead my ass cobber... Fakkin brilliant mix - the new world is a mishmash of rock and dance amate- this is the new sound... this is the way of the future
Mr Fonky Ass

Darren Emerson set was mind-bogiling. You dont hear stuff like that here in the USA. Thanks.....
Jody Bonnette(Louisiana-USA)

ABSOLUTELY BORING.lavelle especially.
pascal greece

Great set from James Lavelle...less than average from Emerson but then ever since I saw him at Pacha and he had his head so far up his own backside my opinion of him has changed quite a bit

The James Lavelle Mix is awesome. Mindblowing - but where is the tracklist???

LAME!! I Hate James Lavelle. He always plays the most cracked garbage which I dont understand how people can dance to his records, especially at a festival like Glastenbury! Darren Emerson's sound is progressive house and his compilations were great before especially his GUs. He is much better than Lavelle anyway thats 4SURE!!! His mix here was OK. NOT IMPRESSED! Looking farward to steve Lawler. I wish instead of this mix and the childish hard trance they were playing in the past few weeks (Except DeepDish - they rocked!) they would bring REAL PROGRESSIVE HOUSE DJS such as Hernan Cattaneo and Sander Kleinenberg.

oh my god i wish i was there soo bad, the tune 35 minutes in is absolutely phenomenal!!

lavelle was on fire! Emerson's tracklisting was o.k. but I haven't heard a set as good as Lavelle's all year - it's too bad he wasn't given the full two hours... cheers to Mr. UNKLE for dropping Petter's all together, that song was pitched to perfection... 'Bring back Tongy - no one does it better'

Same old rubbish heard it all before!! Getting tired of progessive House
Stuart Leicester

Probably the finest set i have ever heard. Class

james lavelle was awrite but that was a dodgy set from darren emerson 'do you want a rewind' lol what was that all about a think he thought he was on the regge-dance hall with chris goldfinger ropey mixin aswell all in all a bad mix tunes were sound though that was the only good point of his set
gazza p

Emerson was simply fantastic

absolutely lovin it keep it up guys!

awesome mix!!!!!

The mix was really sounding good! I look forward to a time when they come to the states so i could go to their show.

A truly fantastic mix from Emmerson with 100% workrate right through meaning never a dull moment
Phil Carrington

Lavelle, Pure quality. U.N.K.L.E

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