Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

::: Ben Watt
::: 20/02/2005

Tweet - 'Boogie 2Nite' [Acapella] (East West)
Blved East - 'Paradise' [East Side Mix] (Deepa Groove)
Scott Grooves - 'The Journey' (White)
Kelvin K & John Gray - 'Heatwave Jackin' (Tango)
Justin Martin - 'Le Boom' (Buzzin' Fly)
Recloose - 'Cardiology' [Isolee Remix] (Playhouse)
Alex S & Djazzy feat Fubu - 'Senti Sabi' (Buzzin' Fly)
Klement - 'Nocturne 2' (White)
Square One - 'Buzzin' (White)
Madoka - 'Inhale' (White)
Tweet - 'Boogie 2Nite' [Acapella] (East West)
Manoo & Francois A - 'Fire Seasons' (Buzzin' Fly)
Ben Watt feat. Baby Blak - 'Attack, Attack, Attack' (Buzzin' Fly)
M.A.N.D.Y. - 'Achaat' (Get Physical)
Ben Watt - 'Lone cat' [Justin Martin Remix] (Buzzin' Fly)
Harrison Crump - 'Boom Da Boom' (Hump)
51 Days - 'Paper Moon' (Touche)
Silicone Soul - 'The Devil Drives' [Darkroom Dub] (Soma)
Electribe 101 - 'Inside Out' (Mercury)
Furry Phreaks - 'Lament For A Dead Computer' (Miso)

Your reviews of the mix


Ben is Glamour Ben is Class Ben is Love....Waiting for u in Montreal - Canada

Brilliant! Listening from jolly New York, I absolutely love the mix aspecially Tweet's "Boggie". Is this mix recorded for purchase, would be interested in buying it. Thanks

Boring. Are you sure that Tweet is the accapella version? Accapella normally means vocal not instrumental.
big dave

awesome!! real smooth with a good feel about it aswell. listening to this makes me just kick with a couple of beers. nice one!!!
J Lightning

awesome sounds!

Lazy dog was ace, Buzzin fly was rich, and this mix... wow... Ben you're a rising star. I hope someday we can hear from Jay Hannan as well!
Vepik MA-USA

innovative - pulls it off - better as it goes along

My my, what a good dose of house music does for the weekend. Specially when you can replay it all week long. Must say, Ben Watt is on point when it comes to the beats, the decks 'n effex and the grooves and everything else. Can't get enough of the Radio1 EM hours. Ben, we must see you in the ATL.
soph in Atlanta

A long way from those afternoons with your guitar in Hull, eh Ben? I always said that Dance music would be the way forward... but did you believe me then?
Matt Young

thats house music i hope to see him in bahrain
Napolian - bahrain

i had the pleasure of seeing this man live two weekends in a row, down here in melbourne, Australia.. at good vibrations festival, and at seven nightclub... Ben watt does it with so much style, he leaves others for dead... this essential mix is no different. His sound is so fresh, music lover's heaven!!

Awesome mix... just helped me through a couple of rough nights - you know how exam times go :-). I'm looking forward to more!

great diverse mix! can't wait tiil the next visit to NYC.

Wow... the reviews speak for themselves. I love house, again. Thanks Ben.
Benton - Austin, TX

Im not surprised at all at how amazing this mix is, it's something i've come to always expect from the best deep house dj ever in my opinion. He just keeps getting better and better. Ben come to Milwaukee please!
Ahmed, Milwaukee,WI

Replenishment for the Modern Soul - what a perfect way for Ben to describe his sound. Uplifting and deep, all at the same time. Way to go Ben.
Ocean from V-city

Nice. Not usually a deep/soulfull house man, but this was enjoyable. Wouldn't wanna go clubbin to it though-daytime stuff imo. Interesting to note the number of narrow-minded fans of the 'harder' and 'trancier'sounds [not]jumping at the chance to slag of a style they're not into.

Ben Watt is sheer class....he is the Miles Davis of house... :) this mix was groovy, soulful and deep.. just as we like it
east side grooves

Deep Cat

loved it! loved it! Hope to see him in Melbourne one day.
Sanji - Melbourne

Terrific mix. Can't wait for Buzzin' Fly volume 2. Martin's Le Boom is so wicked!! Ben! Come to Boa in Toronto!!
c in Toronto

Absolutely large. Anything that uses Tweet's acapella twice is all good by me.

pure soulful house. the chicago house pioneers would be proud.
pr500, dayton ohio

Definately one of the best essential mixes i have ever heard. Consistent, driving and groovy with a really strong finish, wish the mix was longer!!! You go Ben, can't wait to hear you at the WMC!

I am a big fan of Ben Watt; admittedly, I was expecting something similar to his compilations. This was even more suprising...instead of 2 hours of Soulfuric/Defected-style house, he puts together a diverse mix that links deep house with bits of electro and acid...and his programming is well thought out....way to GO!!!!
Sir Run-Run Shaw

thank you so much, Ben! Amazing mix. Sweet chilling feeling all over my body as a happiest flashback to that basement club in St. Pete. Truly warming on this freeezing eve of -15 outside.
Irene - St.Petersburg

wow!!bringing home real house to break the boredom of techno beat aired all the time here in sunny españa.nice 1 ben !!
patrick ESPAÑA

the second track is killer. Also, I cannot wait till Senti Sabi is released under the Buzzin'fly Label, AMAZING TRACK.

He played in my area a couple of weeks back and the set was very different. Not half as deep. Oh and for anyone who cares he's hella rude (but true, he was at the end of a hectic tour.)
Biggity Bambwino

This was one hot mix!!! I must say this tops his breezeblock set from a ways back. I need to get my hands on this....
Shane, Soulful South, USA

Incredible MIX, Ben please come to BARCELONA !!!
Isaac Galan

That's the Watt-Groove sounds I miss so much. Wish I was back in ol~ blighty!!!!
Scott - Newport Beach, California

good warm up music!!!!!! Nice for every party.
Rafael/Absolute House

This sh*t is tight... TIGHT!!!!! Lovin Buzzin Fly too, been caning there sound at my bar session on Fridays!! TIGHT!!!!!!!!! :0)
jay w

Ben Watt Good quality music, awesome Dj, excellent mix, great music. Need a station like Radio 1 out here in Canada.
Lin - Snow Land Canada


obviously a genius... smooth mixes, excellent track selection, music that undoubtedly replenishes the soul... can't get enough mr watt

Great mix, so deep and soulful! completely Buzzin' Fly style... One word : Beautiful!!!
Lewis Ryder

This is well how can i can say it.DA-SHIZNITE. Essential mixes cant go wrong with house music. I really we had a station like BBC Radio 1 in houston. One can only dream. Keep it up or should I say DEEP Ben.

SAAAAAAHHHHWEEEETTT!!! Definitely a contender for E.M. of the year in my books! Some of the Best Deep House I have ever heard! Hats off to Da Man!
Phil - Portland Or.

Awesome mix... West London in the house!!

Great mix Ben!!! Every DJ in the world has been to the Church Nightclub out here. Its your turn. Talk to Brad at WMC from The Church this year. Set it up. Good luck in Australia hope to see you soon.
Brandon Denver, USA

Fantastic mix, justin martins le boom is one of the best tunes so far this year, will definitely check the night out, good website by the way mr watt
Helgi P

what a HAPPY mix! I couldn't stop dancing!

This mix is sounding lovely, global and mellow. Very nice.

What can i say that already hasnt..big bad ben watt....The man is as bad as they come those who don't dig his each his own, but you might be a bit confused as to what deep, funky, soulful house is ;->

The bol*cks...Great Mix...need to see this guy live...just listened to this 3 times on the bounce at work. The best Monday in a long time.......Ave it!!!!
Ollie Italy

I love his vibes. I love everything from him and everything but the girl. All the best:)))))))
IRVIN - Albania

As is echoed in many of the comments here.... not enough of this high quality, soulful house being played on the EM these days! (I know, you can please some of the people some of the time.....) A real treat for real music fans. Not only a great DJ, but a true inspiration to us all. Ben, you're all that and a bag of chips!!

this mix reminds me of sunset strip in ibiza and the potential carnage in the summer! Good mood changer and fantastic warm up PS people should watch out for a tune thats gonna explode called fonky somma, the original mix is brilliant
aj watson

The mix was excellent! When can we see the tracklisting? Regards nico

Doesn't get any smoother. Ben, please come to Canada!
Vinizki in Toronto

nice one...respect

Fantastic mix!....started off quite heavy(?) then progressed through to jump up and down/hand in the air/cheesy grin on face type tunes - been listening to it all day on my mp3 player - will definately check out the club when next in london

Ben is superb - as always. Pete - Can we have more deep house on EM?


Da Bomb!

Essential Mix of the Year (surely?!)
Mr Benn

Amazing, simply one of the best I've ever heard in the 2 years I've been listening to the essential mix. You should also read ben's book, this man's name will be remembered as one of the main characters of our age.
Jack Wheeler

good set ben!

Smooth mix, very chill, different moods throughout the set, Great Emix!

Great Mix =)
Rich Watt - Vancouver


Awesome stuff. I was hooked after the first 3 or 4 tracks and cannot stop listening! If this is anything to go by the new Buzzin Fly mix should be well worth checking out. Good to hear some real quality on the Essential Mix.

Just as I remember Lazy dog, very disappointing! Having experienced the club night at The End and at its home in Notting hill, I can't help but wonder what all the fuss is about. In the absence of Jay Hannon (on whose shoulders I lay blame for my lack of enjoyment) I thought , "time to give Mr Watt a chance". Sadly, the mix lacked the very thing it was supposed to deliver - Soul and Deep sounds. His mixing was superb, clearly displaying a great producers ear. However, what he also displays in equal measure is a lack of what sets a DJ apart from the rest, that ability to string together tracks in a way that excites. Deep House forever..(just not Ben's)

Sensational mix, best of the year so far, and thats saying something after David Guetta's essential mix. This is the kind of soulful house music we dont hear nearly enough of these days. Makes me really excited about house music again and the kind of records that are out there simmering beneath the surface.

Loved it! peaked in all the right moments and was just the trick. Great to see Ben keeping it deep. Had never heard him Dj before and am now officially spewing as he was playing here in Melbourne last night and I couldnt go as Djing myself. top mix
Bra d Clark

this is average.......nothing too fresh.
grumpy munchkin

Awesome, musical perfection and harmony of trueness. WOW. Excellent. I am undecided between his and Sandy Rivieras' mix. Whould love to hear ben play a three hour warm up and them put Sandy on, at the Ministry of Sound London. That would be heaven.

in 1992 a cousin came from UK an give me a Casette of Everything but the girl it change my life !! and this mix confirm that Ben watt is a master of sounds, music i hope he will come to PERU!
Ralph Peru

it's that music that put's me through gray_rainy winter days. Keep bringing us that magic soundssssssssssssss.
Giorgio Brunetti

Quality, quality, quality.... Blessed the day Ben decided to become a house dj/producer. We are all better off because of that. Can't wait to catch the next gig in San Francisco... the last one has still the city talking about it.

Ben Watt...Good vibe mix...really uplifting yet remaining the right side of chilled house.

Quality House...Looking forward to dancing to this at Homelands...perfect Summer Tuneage!

I went and saw Ben Watt last night at Seven nightclub in Melbourne, Australia. Absolutely amazing! It was his first visit to Australia and hopefully there are many more to come. Deep, soulful, sexy! Ben Watt's taste in music is sublime. One of the most talented deep house producers in the world! This mix is pure quality!!!

right down groovin aspire to have somethin like this going on in woodstock, Does everyone drink or do drugs is anyone out there practicing there sobriety as well as stayin with the goove? Love you Barbara Jay

awesome !!! another dimention , where am i? smooth, fresh .. ok thats

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