Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

Sunday 15 October

Trentemoller 'Small Piano Piece' (White Label)
Khan 'Fantomes' (Matador)
Trentemoller 'The Very Last Resort' (Poker Flat)
Trentemoller 'Miss You' (Poker Flat)
Lhasa de Sela 'De Carla A Pered' (Les Disques Audiogrammes)
Murcof 'Una' (Leaf)
Trentemoller 'Snowflake' (Poker Flat)
Unknown Artist 'Unknown Dub' (White Label)
Trentemoller 'Evil Dub' (Poker Flat)
The Specials 'Ghost Town' (EMI Gold)
Chris Isak 'Wicked Games (Trentemoller’s Unofficial Remake)' (White Label)
Trentemoller 'Nightwalker' (Poker Flat)
Trentemoller feat. Ane Trolle 'Moan (Trentemoller Remix)' (Poker Flat)
The Doors 'Break On Through (Disse Bootleg)' (White Label)
Franz Ferdinand 'The Fallen (Justice Remix) (Domino)
Le Tigre 'Nanny Nanny Boo Boo (Junior Senior Remix)' (Chicks On Speed Records)
James White and the Blacks 'Contort Yourself' (ZE Records)
Revl9n 'Someone Like You' (Because Music)
Thomas Schumacher 'High On You' (Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten)
Moby 'Go! (Trentemoller remix)' (Mute)
The Knife 'Silent Shout (Trente Short Edit) (Mute)
Jokke 'Feelin’ Good (Trentemoller Remix)' (White Label)
Isolee 'Beau Mot Plage (Freeform Fve Remix/Trente Edit/Original Version) (Classic)
Trentemoller 'Always Something Better feat. Richard Davis (Trentemoller Remix)' (Poker Flat) The Knife 'We Share Our Mother's Health' (Trentemoller Remix) (Mute)

Your reviews of the mix

I have listened to this mix about 8 times now and would love to buy it on CD. I will miss it when it goes away off my PC on Sunday. I can't believe there are so many people who find it boring. There is plenty of cheesy stuff for you haters to listen to. My vote for Essential Mix of the year!
Dan, Chester

it was just amazing.... this guy its brilliant im not surprised iwasn't expecting less from trentemoller's mix!!! best mix in the past couple of months i really enjoyed...

As much as I can appreciate the artistry behind this mix, I think it could have been saved for the "In New Music We Trust" show. After all the hype, I was really looking forward to hearing what Trentemoller would be like @ a club, and i really hope that wasn't it. And for those people who say this was the EM of the year.... ARE YOU KIDDING? Here's a short list of EM's that were MUCH better, Fanciulli, Max Graham, MYNC, Fergie, the entire Ibiza Week...seriously not the best EM of the year!
Pete Hamilton Canada

Too many small minded idiots around here...hte history of the Essential Mix is steeped in adventurous mixes and showcases...this follows in that tradition...just look at the old FSOL mixes, Jose Padilla, Underworld, Leftfield etc. All you narrow minded prats that want constant 4/4 and instant grooves have to understand that the best producers and the best tracks have influences from many genres. Appreciate this for the integrity and adventure if nothing else
Rich, Wolves

Couldn't agree more with Jourdan from Boulder - "People please remember that the essential mix is about MIXING, and while many of the Mixes are danceable, it is not a prerequisite. Many of the best mixes over the years have been downtempo like this mix. " This mix is thought and emotion provoking. May not be super danceable, but this is about sound and the mixture of it.
Drew, Colorado Mountains

The tempo is just too slow! Simple! Excellent mix for other times or for the IPOD to fall asleep to! Certainly has nothing to do with this show! Things can only get better on EM. Too much hype for something boring and negative like this. We need Wakey Wakey not Sleepy Sleepy!
Andy B Fubine Italy

Just wanted to show my support for the brilliant Trentemøller.Would like to echo a few other comments: i also would pay for this mix; for all those people that 'don't get it' have u never chilled out after a night out? the first hour of this is a beautiful, ethereal, chilled mix; PT,why so much voice-over, EM has being goin' on for over decade we all know about the show, we don't need trailers during the mix, at start & end is enough!! Last 40 minutes can imagine in a deep, dark, dirty club like Sankeys-loved it.Played both ends of the spectrum, ambient to Minimal house-he not only mixed it, but made/remixed most of the tracks, how many other DJ's are that creative? If u r reading this Anders, u have another fan!!
t, manchester

This is good stuff. This is electronic music
Tim Amsterdam

It is a sad truth that championing this particular slice of the electronic music pie has now become almost fashionable. Yes, Trentmoller's production - not mix - was definitely something different, but I couldn't help feeling a little let down. Perhaps I am a bit of a traditionalist. Overall, an interesting, albeit slightly lacklustre two hours, but one that marks a significant milestone for the Essential Mix. 7/10.
John Robertson

TRENTEMOLLER is just amazing i love this kind of underground music with noises and wicked tracks and of course i love the part in french in the beginning of the mix... I hope i ll see you soon in paris.. trente there is one of your track missing PHYSICAL FRACTION

This of course isn't club material. It's a big showcase from Trentemoller himself. And not only that.... It's a great mix, i really liked it. However, i personally would have made the track selection a little bit different for the first hour. -> In order to make it more mysterious, dreamy and dark. Sometimes the tracks don't fit in with their previous ones. Also sorry to say this Pete, but this time your voice-over was ruining the atmosphere of the mix. I as a listener was heavily disturbed in the dream this mix was taking me......
Chris, Netherlands

For all those people suggesting that if people “don’t get this” they know nothing etc etc. Get over yourselves, seriously! Comment like this are the exact reason why house music has gone from being something people enjoy for its simplicity to something that people feel they have to like to make them cool or appear more educated that others. It’s this mentality that now has clubs full of boring people so desperate to look cool or be seen that the fun has gone. Take Pacha London for example. Full of shallow wanna be ‘it’ girls and over trendy blokes desperate to out dress each other and desperate to be adored by everyone. 5 years ago that place would have been full of people just wanting to dance and not analyse every mix and every track played. Like they could do any better!!. Was this a good EM, yeah I think it was. Was it amazing, sexy, smart? No not really, not just by Trentemoller standards just in general. Dance music needs a huge shake up. Get rid of the walking fashion disasters and bring back the real clubbers before they squeeze every last drop of fun out of the music we all love.

BEST Essential Mix in YEARS I was really blown away by this mix, it gets better on every listen!
mr stroke-USA

together with damian lazarus and sasha live at maida vale it is one true expression of what an electronic mix is. Definately a classic.
Marco, SMA Mexico

Breathtaking! This is what I look for in a mix set. Variety. Music that proveks both thought, and jirating. I would pay money for a CD like this. Thank you Mr Trentemoller, Mr Tong and Radio 1. Peace
Stefan, Victoria, B.C, Canada

this kind of mix is boring for wikend,give us what we expected from you mr Trentemoller not this kind of rubbish.

Easily a top contender for Mix of the Year!! People please remember that the essential mix is about MIXING, and while many of the Mixes are danceable, it is not a prerequisite. Many of the best mixes over the years have been downtempo like this mix. Cheers to Trente for MIXING it up!!!!
Jourdan, Boulder Colorado US

What a class selection of tracks woven together with skill and taste!, I dont agree with some of the comments about this mix being "Boring". One of the most interesting, daring and enjoyable essential mixes for a long long time!
Darran, Rugby UK

absolutely awesome, stayed up late for this & how glad am i that i did, this is now in my top three all time essential mixes. not many dj's have the balls or the talent to play a set like that, it's good when you know he has put alot of work into putting something very special together. Thank you

Save the earthly beats for your "Back To Mine". The Essential Mix is reserved for blowing up the party...the slow fades out of Raggae are better suited to Sunday afternoon chill sessions.
Diss Troy

Whats all the hype about? This isn't even music just a load of wired sounds and stuff. This is a dance show, you cant dance to this. Bring back happy hardcore Kev Blackpool ------- Jeeze mate. Back to the drawin board you need to go. This was amazin. The guys a legend. Go back to your bonkers album
Richard. Ystrad Mynach

Well i have to say i'd been eagerly waitin for this EM ever since i heard it announced, and on hearing it i was well impressed - although not totally what i expected as i havent heard Trentemoller's album yet, but i hear its fairly tripped out - but as other people here hav commented - it's not always about bangin' it out for two hours - this is certainly for home listenin' right up until about 40mins from the end where he really cranks it up - that last 40mins are pure quality - that guys productions and remixes are second to none, very individual sound and very cleverly put together....excellent!
Jamie, Belfast.

Mmmmmmm Yep it was different, Yep it was very Trendy, Yep it was very arty. But to be truthfully honest IT WAS TOO BORING.
Paul Hemel

this mix is packed with talent. smart and sexy.
e - london

Whats all the hype about? This isn't even music just a load of wired sounds and stuff. This is a dance show, you cant dance to this. Bring back happy hardcore
Kev Blackpool

This was a breath of fresh air, quite different from recent EM, really interesting, I will be listening again a few times this week! Nice one radio one.
Laura, Cardiff

excellent mix.. does anyone know the name of the track that comes through at around the 32minute mark, it is 'unknown' in the tracklisting..
deion, califnornia

I can see how peeps might be expecting a bit more buzz on a Saturday night but I tend to listen to these mixes at work during the week and haven't enjoyed a mix this much in a long time. Will probably listen every day, floating along with a tinglin sensation! Beautiful. Trippy Isak remake stood out for me. If you cant see the magic, you aint on the right planet.
OB1, Cheshire

The set while slow to gain momentum builds into an awesome set to listen to at home, like a blooming flower. That was electro executed at it's finest, if you couldnt apprecaite it you should go listen to a 'nick skitz' cd. Trentemoller is in the top echleon of dj/producers in the world right now.
baby geeeeeeeeee, brisbane

Brilliant, week off from work, lazing at home and enjoying a beer to this. I was lucky enough to support trentemoller here in Brisbane earlier in the year and gee's did he and dj tom put on a fantastic show, FAMILY Brisbane went nuts!!!! Have been a fan ever since I heard "In Progress", keep em coming trentemoller. Have really, really enjoyed this set!!!! Cheers
Damian Wheeler, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA

Well I must admit I did quite enjoy this, it was certainly a variation on the usual Essential format. But I have it say I found Trentmoller rather self-indulgent in this particular 'mix'. Great to hear Terry Hall and the Specials again though!
Maxine, London

Most intelligent and challenging mix of the year, easily, and probably the number 2 overall (i'd still give gabriel & dresden the top spot). Demonstrates to me that he has both creativity and resilience, as he refused to give the standard dance tracks. If you really need all bangers - find a Trentemoller set somewhere. I expect nothing but brilliance from this man in the future.
J, Toronto

An enjoyable journey of an essential mix - perfect for my drive back from work, especially the first hour or so. I have been dj'ing for over 20 years and will mix together pretty much anything and everything live on cd and vinyl - this mix is cool, but you can tell Trent is more of producer than a hands on dj.
dj warren portsmouth

Very surprising.I don't think that anyone could expect in a Trentemoller mix a "Break On Through" sound,but this proves that this men has a lot to said in the near future.Also,i guess there was a lot of people who would love to hear some new "dance" underground tracks.Next time,baby,next time !! Great job,Trent.

Very surprising indeed, although from reading all the previous comments this EM seems to be a mixed bag. I personally liked it, the first hour was good music to listen to while I studied for classes haha. The ambient/minimalism was refreshing with the pickup towards the end setting it off right. "Go" is kinda bleh though.
Gavin, College Station, Texas, USA

Trentemoller's is in top form. His mix should be listened to in the right state of mind and for its uniqueness. Not every dj needs to play a 4X4 house track to prove himself. Being in Florida, I appreciate the difference that comes from hearing dj's thousands miles away and climates apart. Viva BBC for its acceptance and major props to Mr. Trentemoller for a dazzling, build-up mix. Instant Classic.
Tocci - Miami, Florida USA

Wonderful mix - nice and varied, funky, surprising and fun. The Doors bootleg was superb! Hope it's available soon! The Moby remix is as good as I remembered and Chris Isaak was. . . well ...funny! Can't wait to get a few friends over and play it! Thanks for something different, Radio 1.
Jeff, Netherlands

..reading some of your comments, was expecting sub-lemon-al mix, but it was indeed sublime. nice one! EM aren't all about ripping it up on the dancefloor, as this mix shows, electronica is alive and well and moving forward. Well done Anders if you're reading this.
Tone, SF, CA.

Agree with other comments that the first hour and a bit show cases a very unexpected sound. Certainly not in the usual Mr Moller sound vocab but then maybe thats the beauty of this mix?! Definitely surprised me, but far from in a bad way. Loved the last 40 mins, absolute quality straight off a hot dirty dance floor into your living room. Enjoyed immensely!!
Ben - Jordan, Middle East

great! master dj/producer...Excellent 2 hours of sublime electronic music trentemoller Hugo,santiago,chile

I think this demonstrates perfectly the difference between producer and DJ, Trentemoller is not really a DJ so his mix whilst individually contains amazing examples of his production skills and taste in music, they don't really come together as a whole, but an excellent selection of forward thinking music none the less.
Fergal Kilroy, London

Well, well, well....I told you all so....that this was mix was NOT going to live up to the hype....and I am not suprised by the comments....don't believe me? Go check my comment on Bob Sinclar's essential mix...this mix was NOT going to be the end-all-be-all of Essential Mix-dom.......

my favorite essential mix EVER
ivan - los angeles

urgh, BORING. This was done on Ableton no doubt so straight away the technical score gets a fat 0. It was just bland and sadly this is whats wrong with Dance music today. People are being to arty and forgetting the 'floor. Boring essential mix, sorry R1. Lets see what he can do with just some Decks. None of this laptop malarky.
sb - peterborough

I haven't listened to this mix yet, but peoples comments (Along the lines of 'this isn't what we expected' or 'not what you're good at' etc) just goes to show that peoples tastes are very narrow & militant, we all know Trentemoller for his absolutately world class production work. The essential mix should be a chance for an artist to show a different side to themselves and not have to adhere to the pressures of a club environment or record label boss. As for 'wicked games', the original is a truly amazing record. i bet over half the people who listen to the essential mix have never even heard of, or have any respect for, Chris Isaak's. I am really looking forward to Trentemollers remake of this song. We need more of this kind of essential mix instead of 2 hours of blatant, predictable, overplayed tripe... inspiration comes from being educated aswell as entertained. Peace :-)
DJCW Doncaster

i have to say that, to be honest, sat nights essential mix was terrible, i was looking forward to listen to it, as Iv heard good reports about trentemoller but it was not up to scratch, sorry mate
Sean, Liverpool

Not the onslaught of a pendulum essential mix, but it's really clever. More of a great blend. I don’t think people would be expecting it to sound as it does "chris Isak" need I say more. Although If you haven't heard Trentemoller's backcatalog you have now. Radio 1 this is a brilliant mix and it's good to see you have a few dj's coming up that can do the same cross genre mixes like optimo and yoda.
James, Aberdeen

Really really impressed with this guy, everyone knows him for his electro bombs but he is so talented with his minimal and electronica. Very trippy and very different. TOP MIX
Nicky Edwards - Pontypridd, South Wales

That's more like something I have not heard before. Sometimes dark like Portishead or something out of "Apocalypse Now", sometimes melow and relaxing like Ryoksopp. More likely to hear this in Cafe Del Mar or Mambo rather than Pacha or Space.
Samir Tappouni

First time i saw name Trentemoller was on Royksoops rmx of What else is there... and that was love on first LISTEN :) Since then that guy is my favorite.... And after listening this Essential mix i think that he is going to come on top 5 list
Jazzy Serbia

More of this PLEASE BBC
Tony Cassette Melbourne

I have to say the first half of his set was bordering on boaring,stuff you would expect prog djs to play, however the second half got better and enhance the fact that this person is on the cutting edge of dance music.
jay - london

Its a great mix, but its so blatently done in abelton live that it makes it unappealing, since you know given a pair of proper decks hed never be able to coming close to recreating. So that given, good job on a well thought out mix.
DC - South Florida USA

so soft & so sexy music .. thanks!
marwin shamma from prague

what a load of mumbo jumbo,unispiring load of nonsense noise,the essential mix went no where but all it done was make me look at the inside of my eyelids just after i had finished reading the phone book
Tyrone in Reading

easily top 10 producer of our time. its essential new music.. and we trust it..
Derekdlite CT. USA

very disappointed. after listening to his album that day this mix didn't compare to it at all. idea of the way to work it was good but tracks selected was disappointing.
nick belfast

I had been waiting with baited breath for this mix. Trentmoller ended up doing a mish mash "over eclectic" mix. In my opinion reggae, rock and techno DO NOT mix!! Please stop trying to take us all on a "joooouurney, man". Its a Dance show , give us what we want- jacking quality grooves. Saying that I did enjoy it for what it was and I still love Trentmoller's album and singles.
Alex Jones Bromley

Trentemoller for Essential mix of the year, loved it.
Dan in Southampton

What a mix!! Trentmoller absolutely tears it up!! Great remixes!!
Paul Cook, Leeds

I thought it was rubbish to be honest. Its a shame cos the man is a genius and some of the tunes were amazing and technically it was pretty good too but I just couldnt get into most of the music. Even his remix of 'go' which gave me goosebumps at the warehouse project in manchester lastweek couldnt save this mish mash of dirt
Iain Manchester

loved it, trentemoller is one of my favorites. bbc and essential mix staff - please give us more forward thinking music and less lame house
maciej, poland

A brilliant diverse mix. Excellent radio mix..Not one for the dance floor. But about time a dj brought some diversity to the airwaves. Not afraid to oppose "normality"..Really liked his re-make of Wicked Games. Great stuff from the poker flat legend.
Keith , Dublin

Quite simply the greatest electronic artist ever, the quality of this man's production is astounding.
Nono, Birmingham UK

One of the strangest EM i've ever listened you said tongy, it has been subliminal in particular in the first hour, followed by 20 minutes which remembers me an Erol Alkan's or 2many dj's set and with some incredible latest 40 min where Trentemoller showed us how is his able to let us dance with his bleepy and hypnotic sound!!!!! Great...
Anto, Milan, Italy

One of the best Essential Mixes ever by Anders Trentemoller, great variation and bravado in track selection - The Specials followed by Chris Isak, simply outstanding!!! Alex Smokes fantastic 'Lost in Sound' was missed from tracklist @ 1hr 25min.

Excellent 2 hours of sublime electronic music trentemoller has raised the bar with this mix the star of 2006 !
cosmic sandwich - bradford- uk

Nice mix. Like how it starts out with a very chilled out theme and very slowly moves to a dance/rock theme with a sprinkle of Trentemoller in there. I'd like to hear Martin Solveig or David Guetta in an upcoming show, Come on Pete, you've got the power to make it happen!
Khalid, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Bizzare. Totally not what i was expecting. I think that Trentemoller is a wicked producer especially tracks like Rykketid, his remix of the Knife we share our mothers health and of course his interpretation of Moby's Go. however i just did not get this mix, some of the stuff sounded like 80's throw back tunes! Some of his tunes and remixes kind of reminds me of the uniqueness of sasha when he made expander and so on until he sold out to the trancey rubbish he plays now. I was expecting better things but feel now a little bit dissapointed, and i would now think twice about going to see him in a club. A bit more up tempo, electronic funky unique stuff please Mr Trentemoller, this is what you are good at.
A in Birmingham

Quite surprised by this mix, wasn't expecting much but actually really enjoyed it. It was the perfect mix to lie in in bed and listen to while chillin out
Alan NI

This mix is absolutely brilliant! Love Trentemøller! Shows of his more eclectic sides, fusioned with his trademark minimal sound- Love it!
Simon, Copenhagen.

Just not very good, summed up by the dreadful remake of Moby's classic; go. So much hype prior, and 2 hours better spent in bed. Hopefully Andy Cato will rectify this in 2 weeks time.
Daniel- East England

Its definetly a huge shift for him with these chillout sounding tunes. I love this chillout/ambient/electric/minimal set its dope. Just went to see Pascal Feos last night and I wish Trentemoller would come down these parts to get the place pumping.
Costin, Constanta Romania

YEAH, been looking forward to this essential mix ever since i saw you had him on your list. trentemoller is the best dk dj, i love his productions and i love his music, cause' he plays a combination of tech-house and electronic and i really like that. this essential mix should be the mix of the year, it's really great but of course there has also been many other great mixes throug out the year, but this is electronic dj when it's best.
dj meadowgarden denmark

this is one wicked set , man can he spin them slightly minimal sounds and electro vibes into one hell of a mix, this must be one of thé essential mixes of the year, go trentemoller
jens from brussels

beautiful reminiscent aural landscape trip. Fantastic producer with a very carachteristic sound. It was enjoyable. Wish more essential like this happen more often. Thanks!
silvestre, manchester

major let down of a mix, missing all the edge from his massive remix could the man behind "what else is there?" be so boring behind the decks? doesn't he know this is a ratings system and the key factor is sensationalism?oh well, here today gone please!
dj's elsewhere - miami

Ok, I like to consider myself openminded musically and have nothing against dub, indeed I enjoyed alot of it here, but considering the general listener to the Essential Mix how many do you think will sit through that to get to the tasty stuff that arrives nicely towards the end of the set? They will give up on it thinking its a dub/ambient set. Think he just shot himself in the foot cos some of the stuff at the end is sweet.
Gareth Renno, Manchester, UK

Fantastic and boring as hell at the same time. If I was in a club it would mong me out but I'd enjoy it anyway.
Dangerous Davis

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