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Artists / Line-up


This Welsh trio formed in 1992 and despite a slight line up change in 2003, they are still up there with the best. Responsible for classics such as 'Have A Nice Day', 'Pick A Part That's New' and that brilliant cover of 'Handbags and Gladrags', Kelly Jones and the boys provide distinctive rock and roll but in the traditional way.

Sunday - Main Stage (See full line up)

Set List

  • The Bartender And The Thief
  • Doorman
  • A Thousand Trees
  • Bank Holiday Monday
  • Just Looking
  • Local Boy In The Photograph
  • It Means Nothing
  • Maybe Tomorrow
  • Dakota

Your reviews

Followed the 'Phonics for years but couldnt go to big wkend, watched on tv tho and Kelly gets better and better (looking and singing!!). Cant wait to see them in Cardiff in Nov.

the best band by far! kelly was on fire I had the best time, thanks radio 1!

Brilliant and flawless as always!!Best band of the weekend!!

darren angus
heard alot of the weekend radio tv etc. looked like a top weekend. well done everyone at radio 1

Saw Llandudno on friday getting back to their best!

Barry Vennard
Proper rock and roll from an awesome band !Saw them live at the M.E.N Areana a couple of years ago , this was as good !

Joey Liversidge
this set was absolutly amazing! i will definatly get tickets to see there shows!

Carly =]
they were the most amazingly awesome band there i love them to bits =] ace!!!! =D

The last time I saw stereophonics was new years eve millenium and it made my year!!they were by far the best band on, on sunday!!!and yet again they rocked the tent!! Keep it up Lads x

sophie green
it was sick you can see me on it how sick it is amazing

Was doing the RACE FOR LIFE so could not buy tickets watched it on TV, absolutely brilliant, drove a 9 hour round trip to see them in Llandudno on friday absolutely amazing, keep it up

I aint heard them live in a good while, but they still ROCK!!! The best act at the Big Weekend by far!

Sophia C.
Stereophonics is awesome! Old-school, no messing about, just play each song entirely and brilliantly. The after-power of their performance is so immense because their songs are so great. ACE!

lianne mangan
the 4th member on guitar was a guy called Adam, he's in a band called SpiderSimpson...

David Sumner
Phonics were fantastic. Good to see Kellys mate Adam (lead singer and guitarist of Spidersimpson) on stage with the guys. Very talented individuals.

Sally Leach
Phonics - amazing as ever! Bring on the tour!

the best there wasthe best there isthe best there ever will be

one of the best sets of the day. Just Looking always blows my mind and as for Dakota..well.... Amazing

african queenie
kelly jones is the hottest man alive!!

cudnt b botherd watchin stereophonics! they r an ordinary average band! nufin special bowt them at all! and av u noticed tht evri single review on this site is posotive!

That fit fourth member was Adam - on loan from Spidersimpson - possibly the best band on the planet! Check them out at

Ryan Playle-Howard
Simply amazing! Unbeatable as always! Highlight was undoubtedly Maybe tomorrow... man that dude can sing! I intend to sit there the whole of friday till I get tickets for their tour so I too can see them live. 5* :o)

Luv Stereophoncics!! Absolutely Great!! And Kelly can actually sing live!!! xxx

love you kellyxxxx

Samantha B
absolutley amazing!! They can do no wrong in my eyes!! Cant wait to see them in Novemeber :-)

amazing! especially 'maybe tomorrow' wel dun kelly! nice touch

What can I say, amazing but who is the 4th band member???????????????????

Absolutely faultless............ Kelly Rocks

Gill Tierney
Kelly is lush - I want his babies xxx

stereophonics rocked

Kirsty Smith
I have been a fan since 1997 and have always thought they are brilliant, but Never get the recognition they deserve!!!'It means nothing' the new song they played is just another Kelly masterpiece....Fantastic bring on the tour =)

stereophonics were just amazing and kelly as gorgeous as ever!!!!!!!!!

Sarah Addyman
Keellllllyyyyyyy I love you! xxx

Mel Wood
Kelly Jones was the best eye candy of the day and he can sing!! Stereophonics Totally Rock

saw them in blackpool the night before they kick ass

Samantha, Preston
Absolutely fab! One of my best times ever!! Love ya Kelly!!!!!

Clare Beesley
Fantastic - I just adore Stereophonics and they didn't disappoint as usual. Have seen them live around 14 times and can't wait til their tour in November - keep it up boys I love ya

chris shoesmith
stereophonics sound awesome. thanks radio 1 for making viewing for people who couldn't be there

lianne mangan
bloody amazing! they get better every time!

i got tickets for saturday and had a great day but watched the stereophonics online on sunday and they looked awesome. they just ouse rock and roll!!!!

ian vickers
awesome- it means nothing brill-top stuff from the welsh ladsous the mystery 4th member?

sarah bowen
love the phonics they sound great and keely looks soooooo lush yummy

for me the best by far kelly n the boys just awesome !

just love them!!! always have they can do very little wrong xxxxxxxx

i love the stereophonics so much. They blew me away. best band all day on sunday.

just 1 word great!!!!!!

the Stereophonics where ace kelly jones is so hot!!! ive never seen anybosy so good live!!! the whole day was fab than for the tickets radio 1 we love you

Louise Yearnshire
Great show, but who was the fit fourth member on guitar?

Gareth Pierce
Fantastic Set cant wait for the new album im sure it will rock...

yes they do rocki love them too :)i cant talk today due to my singing on friday and sundaykelly jones = godrichard jones = cool dude legendjavier weyler = argentinian mentalistand for the live purpose of this gig adam from spidersimpson well hes a phonic relilike my rant? its crap aint it

Anthony Bamber

First time ive ever heard the band and they are immense, definetly going to see them when there on tour in november, dakota, what a tune!

Swifty, Wigan
amazing, kelly jones is up there with the rock gods

I wernt there but I saw the set (RED button!) earlier. And I thaught they we're the balls. coolest sounding and the baddest lookin band of the weekend.x

being in a stereophonics tribute band and having listened to the new material i am left with no dought that my job is very safe for the next few years....thankyou lads for delivering.

Cat S
Stereophonics were absolutley amazing! Loved them for ages but never managed to see them live till yesterday.Crowd went wild when they played Just Looking and Dakota. Definately the highlights of yesterday!

Salmon Carrington
Stereophonics is good but could be made abit livelier than it already is.thanks

Anthony Morris
Thought the Phonics were the best act there absoloutly Brilliant!!!!!

Alli Smy from Preston
The Phonics were the BEST higlight of the entire day. Seen em 4 times already and they just keep getting better and better, just a shame they didn't headline instead of the Chiefs but hey, fantastic day all round. Was amazing to see Just Jack too, he was lovin it!Thanks Radio 1 !!!!

Sara Smith
The Stereophonics just keep getting better and better. Love the new song, can't wait to see them in November!


love stereophonics have done for 9 yrs best live band ever, well done kelly and co. xxx

vicki folksman
stereophonics were amazing, it was fantastic to hear new material after what seems like such a long wait,also saw them at their warm up gig in blackpool winter gardens fab fab fab. thanks for a wicked day radio 1. youre the dogs!

Rae Gilbert
I'd never seen Stereophonics live before. I have most of their albums and love their songs and was a little worried that they might not be as good live as they are on record. Well, they were even better than I expected. Kelly Jones rocks!

they didn't even have to try! brilliant. seamless.

Watched on tv and as always, they were amazing (plus I'd seen them on Friday night in Llandudno!). Their new stuff sounds brilliant.

this set list was mentalmayb 2moro bein the best song

Gail Turner
I watched One Big Weekend on BBC3 and the red button, Stereophonics, for me, were the highlight of the weekend, Kelly is great, i think i love him

wow what a good selection to sing old and new .. the boys rock

Sarah Kerry
I was lucky enough to go to Radio 1's Big Weekend on Sunday and see my favourite band- The Stereophonics! They never fail to deliver and they were absolutely fantastic as always. They really made the day for me.

I went to the big weekend, Streophonics were amazing!

k gaedham
kelly jones is god!!!!

the phonics should have headlined... they were amazing! cant wait for the tour!

Michelle in Newcastle
Gutted i couldn't be at the weekend however watched ALL weekend on the BBCI channel. Love Stereophonics, their set ROCKED big time!My opinion.... they should have been the headlining act. Wicked performance.x

i was there and they were awsum!! i loved every min!

stacey flanagan
amazing, thats all i can say!!!!!!!!!

Didnt go to preston and was gutted after i saw the stereophonics set up, it looked and sounded amazing the stereophonics are true showmen awsome

Stereophonics, what can I say? best band of the day.

The best sound and the most professional set on Sunday. They were on the money from the first note, Kelly's voice was its flinty best. Awsome!

Those lads are top top quality I went to see them at their warm up show in Blackpool and they were stunning just like they were on the park they never disappoint, I just hope they get abit more recognition then they normally get! They are really nice down to earth lads i have meet them a few times and its never a bother to sign a few autographs or photos and even a chat which is very rare for artists today, cant wait for the new album!!!!

jojo xx

Daisy Lane
Amazing. They rock. Loved the old songs. Loved the new songs. Kelly is a god.

Stereophonics rocked!!!Can't wait to see them on tour.

absolutely FAB

Best band of the weekend... They were awesome.

Aaron McClean
absoultley amazin! felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand whislt they play dakota! fantastic!

Martin (S.Wales) in the valleys!
stereophonics were no doubt the best performing band! all classic songs!

Ian Astley
This was fantastic and it really got the crowd going. Kelly is just effortlessly cool and the sound was spot on.Just Looking and Dakota in particular sounded epic!So many hits could have been added if only they'd have been more time...

What a fantastic day brilliant music well done radio 1 you know how to put on a top party!

Victoriana O'connor
Kelly Jones... I need not say any more. THANKYOU RADIO ONE!!!

Gareth Groom
Absolutely fantastic!!! Could not fault them and back to their best,played a great set. Will be looking out for them on tour thats for sure!

Alison Boldon
oh my god, cin the sterophonics today has made my weekend i will never forget it loved it all

andrew manley
came to one big week end sat only unfortunatly..... was one of the best days ever Will sertainly be reapplying for tickets next time all i can say is BBC THANKYOU VERY MUCH

Andrew Robertson
Definately the highlight for me. Stereophonics are absolutely incredible. Kelly Jones' solo version of Maybe Tomorrow was amazing, and their two new songs from upcoming album were BRILLIANT.

danielle northern ireland
sterephonics rox!!esp kellie hes fit

wow, they were awesome!Best band of the weekend by a mile!

Absolutely brilliant as usual - what an amazing voice Kelly has got for such a little chap.

brian woodruff
sheer class best act by a long way awesome

Rachel C
Saw the 'phonics at Blackpool last night, they were awesome, and sounded just as good today in Preston. Kelly sounded amazing as usual! The new songs ROCK! Can't wait for the new album, and tour. STEREOPHONICS RULE!

Amazing!!!!!! Thats all i have to say :-)

Stereophonics ~ Awesome , I’m Just Looking followed by Local Boy, brilliant!

i love them they rock an kelly is so sexy!!


carolyn hatch
amazing they make it look so easy!!

Craig B
Waited for 7 hours in a tent full of water...just to see them....OMG it was worth it...think that explains it all really!!

Aaron World
Absolutly awesome bank holiday monday rocked live!!!

ilove stereophonics isrocks.goodok,

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