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Artists / Line-up

The Gossip

The Gossip blaze a punk soul trail all the way from Arkansas USA. Their remarkable singer Beth Ditto sounds like nobody else in music right now and is officially the coolest person in the world (according to some magazines). Her band have become one of the live music's biggest draws in 2007.

Saturday - INMWT Stage (See full line up)


Set List

  • Fire/Sign
  • Listen Up!
  • Keeping You Alive
  • Heavy Cross
  • Coal To Diamonds
  • Jealous Girls
  • Power To The People into Careless Whisper
  • Yr Mangled Heart
  • No No No
  • Are You That Somebody
  • Yesterday's News
  • Standing In The Way Of Control

Your reviews

Didn't think I would be into them that much, but they totally blew me away. Fantastic!! Such a poweful voice, it nearly took the roof off!!

best band of the day by far. what an awesome voice beth has and you can tell she loves doing what she does, she is happiest when she is in with the crowd getting them involved and they responded to it. so glad i delayed going to see razorlight to watch there full set.

Went to the tent to see The Gossip after reading about all the hype surrounding them....and i was blown away by the voice instantly!Please please please play Preston again...your newly found devoted crowd awaits you!!It was a pleasure to be there.Best female voice around right now? Probably.

WOW!!! What an amazing performance!! we got there early n got right to the front in the middle!! was expecting greatness but that was far better then i ever could have imagined!! thanks radio1 for everything!! Beth you are the coolest person in the world right now!!! xxx

best performance of the day by far! Gave up the chance to watch Razorlight and wasn't disappointed one bit! I've been to town and bought their album right away!!
Abi O-S

Fantastic by far the best of the day absolutley amaizin well done Beth Dittoxxxxxxxx
Carly & Emma

GOSSIP were simply awesome - totally made the weekend and by far the most entertaining ban d all weekend closely followed by scissor sisters and the fray. Oh my god was stlll buzzing about the whole of saturday on sunday and spent the day pressing the 'red' button.

I was driving home from my friends on Saturday night and was listening to Sissor Sisters on my car radio, I was rocking all the way home and loved every minuite of it. Jo Wiley may not be gorgeous, but is definatley filthy. Way to go Jo. Keep rocking and presenting the best radio 1 show ever.Maz from Cambridge
Marilyn Fallon

By far the best set there!Was absolutely amazing - really got the crowd going and left us wanting more!!!

Natalie and Daniel

Saw Gossip at the Big Weekend. Officially the best band there! What an awesome set! Lovin Beth getting real with the crowd. What a voice, and what a figure! Whoop whoop ;)

awesome best song iv heard in yeas! is that of standing in the web of control by the gossip

They were absolutely fantastic.. Was going to watch Razorlight but stayed for the full set we couldnt go as she was sooo good. Careless Whisper unbelievably good and I'm a huge George Michael fan!! Went out and got the album today. These were my favourite act of the day second only to Scissor Sisters.
Tracey and Amanda

Absolutley amazing set, best one of the day! You could see from everywhere and the crowd was absolutely buzzing! Immense! Best act of the day!

Totally amazing! Beth rocks!
Louise, Preston

This woman is excellent, I was stood right next to her when she jumped over the barrier and into the crowd! Then everyone just went mental!!! It was brillaint!! :D
Matthew Whittaker

Beth ditto was amazing, got into the crowd with us and i was lucky to be front row!!!! her voice was fabulous!!!!
kayleigh Moss

Watched the Gossip perfroming last night on TV. Outrage! Brillant! Excellant entertainment! So glad I did not get tickets because the people at the back of the tent would have missed her performance. Brillant.

Whoa. Best ever. I first herd them like octoberish 06 and new tht they were gunna be HUGEsome! Sorry to the ppl who have know brused kinda hrt lotsa peeps.OoooopSThanks radio1 ever so much!Bestest sat in a while! Love to all u guys..all the wayx x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

amazing! heard singing came through thinking janis joplin reborn , but no !! wot an amazing set wish i had seen it all just caught the end , incredible power of voice and confidence good on ya gal all credit sent Ed
ed england

the gossip were absolutely immense!beth got down into the crowd everyone just crammed forward; its was crazy!the atmosphere was electric, and beth is a sexy, awesome singer!
sarah ashford

the gossip where absolutly amasing! beth was encredeble. they were the best act i saw

she was not good she i rekon has no ruined her sing profession

Excellent. An act always shines through that you dont see coming at this weekend. Saw the group laid back while Edith tried to interview them, but that didn't prepare for half the performance I witnessed when they were on stage. The vocals were as stunning as on the cd's but the spirit and performance topped that by a mile. Enjoyed a lot of what i saw yesterday, I hope today is as good, Gossip convert, I will try and get to a gig of theirs.
mick midlands

They were amazing! Especially when Beth came right out into the crowd. Was all just so good! Loved it. thanks Radio 1!

Absolutely awesome and buzzing with energy - in did not want this act GOSSIP to finish. I also noticed GOSSIP had the most people watching from the side of the stage of all the acts at the festival.I only wish i had been right at the front,the Crowd bit was great!Definietly the Best Act of all , and it was a good idea to have GOSSIP appear at the IN NEW MUSIC WE TRUST stage because you could see the act from everywhere.Great!! thank you.
frank kirk

Despite the favourable description of this band on the Radio 1 page here, their showing today paled in comparison to other bands, CSS, Jaime T, Kasabian, The Fratellis and Grove Armada put in far superior performances.

"Outstanding", the act of the day without a doubt!!!
Jamie Slee

this girl should come with a warning sign. brilliant just brilliant. best set of the day. dan and lissie x
dan the man

they were really good and really enjoyed it

Awesome Performance ... what a voice!!!

The gossip were fantastic!!!! i am now a converted fan of theirs and beth was hilarious!!!
Sam winning

oh, my, god! she straddled the barrier into the crowd, the nutter. so good though, the gossip definetely made it for me.
gary sav

Beth Ditto...coolest person in the world? Well if you saw her tonight maybe not. Defiantly the most comical act at Radio ones big weekend so far. First of, talking about Nina Simone as her God who she prays to all the time. Followed by her ungraciously clambering off the stage and climbing over the barrier into the crowd. Lost to anyone other than the people imediatly around her, her voice filled the tent with everyone dancing. Eventualy she reemerged not so glamourously to begin singing Nirvana, looking not so far removed from Courtny Love in worse days. Finishing dramaticaly with Standing In The Way Of Control, and finaly returning to the stage. Coolest person maybe not, but talanted and a good show.

by far best act of the act of the day! that girl knows how to work a crowd, the atmosphere was amazing.

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