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Artists / Line-up

The Fray

The single 'How To Save A Life' and album of the same name has propelled The Fray in to the mainstream and up the charts. Their brand of piano driven rock has shifted 2 million copies of the album in the States and given them a Grammy nomination.

Saturday - Main Stage (See full line up)


Set List

  • Little House
  • She Is
  • All At Once
  • Dead Wrong
  • Look After You
  • Over My Head (Cable Car)
  • How To Save A Life

Your reviews

Sadie Norman
OMG i would have given my LIFE to be at Radio 1's Big Weekend :(Watched and listened to the whole thing... missed a party for it (L):)AWESOME x

The fray on saturday were spot on. Definite highlight of the weekend!Thanks Radio 1!!!

kit kat
i loved the whole weekend, and the fray are fantastic, i saw the videoon video-c and then live in preston radio 1 gig, this was my 1st festival..WOW weeeee. jo wiley is so cool..KK

even tho i wasnt there i watched the whole weekend on bbci and couldnt wait to see the fray they are sooooo good and cant wait to go see them at their own gig

I didnt get tikets :{ but i can wath it insted without the mud :}

charlotte keane
saturadys show was the best gig ever.the fray were just as amazing live as cd

Kirstin Miller
Amazing :)

They came into the VIP Tent to play a cover song and they were amazing. It was a pleasure to provide the water for them at the VIP Bar.THEY ROCKED THE PLACE.

The Fray wer absolutely amazin on saturday, as was jo on the tambourine! lol. really got the crowd singin, cant wait 2 c them at V festival. Whole day was brilliant, made even better by meetin the scissor sisters in a service station on the way home =)

That brief interview is awesome! The Fray are such funny guys and my heroes! I absolutely love their music and I hope to see them this summer! If anybody didn't know....they are touring GREEN! Go Isaac, Joe, Ben, and Dave!

Great shows on all stages. Definately gettin tickets next year. Jo Wiley we luv u always. Great!!! Quality!!!

this band were amazing

Wasnt there.. but looks like a great set! Love The Fray, and seeing Jo Whiley on tambourine is ace :D hehe Great Band!! Shame I Missed It!

Jo Wiley on tambourine! Rocks my socks kids :)

Becca C
Wow it was well good, even gone and booked tickets for their tour in November they were amazing!!

the fray where amazing note and sonud i wish i was ther to day and seeing the bands and the over bands

ahh i thought these were a class act --- quality mate

Nicole Sinclair
Uuhhhh I Never Got Tickets But I Really Wish I Was There Watching My Favourite Band The Fray. I Watched It On BBC7 Last Night And It Looked Soooo Amazing!! I Was At Last Years Big Weekend In Dundee... I Thought That Was Good But Saw This Years One On T.v Last Night And It Was Way Better By Far! Ashame I Never Got To Witness It Though. Thans Too Radio 1 For Such A Great Line Up Love You All Lots =) Nicole x x x x x

I absolutly love the Fray, first heard thier music on scrubs and have been in love with them ever since! I was really guted that i wasnt at the front and didnt get to see much of them but they were still amazing and i want to see them at thier own gig

stephie and fi
firstly we are MASSIVE the fray fans!!we went to see them at radio ones big wkend!they were amazing!!!was right at the front! got the best view ever even had a massive poster too!!can't wait to go and see them again!they are just as amazing live!we love you MILLIONS!!!hope too meet you one day in person!! would be a dream come true!!! we love you !!! xxxxxx love stephie and fi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

the fray were great. just too bad i fainted at the start of how to save a life and lost my place right at the front in middle!!!

Gemma wit the monkey hat!
The Fray were amazing! Thought I'd died and gone to heaven!

Highlight of the whole weekend!absolutely loved them! they are awesome live!

Deborah Powell
How To Save a Life...just blew me of those goosebump moments, can't wait to see them again!

Jackone Heys
Ah...The Fray, wasn't expecting the gem of a performance they gave but it was a highlight of the day! Loved the fact that Jo Whiley got to play was strangely comic in a serious musical sense (of course!) How To Save A Life was a great way to end the set and everyone was singing! - top notch!

Daniel Black
im sooooooooooooooooo annoyed i missed the end of the frey set......just got last verse of how to save a life! will i be able to hear it again??

Wasnt there but saw The Fray in concert in February and Met Isaac! What an amazing band and they sounded fantastic only one question- where was joe king????????????

Acci Star Girls
It was amazing. me and me girlies enjoyed every second of it.The Fray were THE BEST !!!!!!

Natalie and Daniel
Nice try but no cigar good first set in uk you won us with wonderwall. Got the atmosphere set up for a great day

Joe Lamber
i was there yesterday and all i can say is oh my god!!! it was amazing the Frey were absolutly amazing especially when they broke out into wonderwall by oasisone ofthe bst days of my life!

:) even though i wasnt at preston!watched on tv and they put on a good setespesh with the oasis cover!x

omg i love you!!was on the front row at your concert and i said love you to you and you sed love you too :Pya was amazing on that stage!!!!!best ever!!!love you xxxxxx

james dunn
thought the fray were class and got the atmosphere to change up a gear and of course the coup of jo on the tambourine was outstanding. brilliant day and thanks radio one

The Fray were absolutely amazing!!!! Note and sound perfect!!! Amazing first set from these guys, glad I was there to witness it! Big thanks to Radio 1 for getting them there and throwing such a great party! x x

the crowd sound crap :senough of all this indie bring back rock...the fray are amazing live!YEEEEEAH BABYxx

Ms Andrea
Fantastic, love the sound of these guys

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