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Artists / Line-up

The Enemy

These Coventry indie rockers were named NME Breakthrough act in 2007 and given they have the attitude of Oasis, the energy of a power station and an arsenal of huge tunes, we don’t advise you to remain enemies with them for too much longer.

Sunday - INMWT Stage (See full line up)

Set List

  • Pressure
  • Away From Here
  • 40 Days And 40 Nights
  • Techno
  • Aggro
  • It's Not OK
  • You're Not Alone
  • Had Enough

Your reviews

top band! wiked live, band of the year 2007!! p.s as for ur stupid comments about them- y dont u listen 2 them properly instead of judging them so early!

well they put on a good preformance however not really my thing but still very watchable Live but would not buy the CD
Hanif Jetha

You guys can say what you want but i am in love with "Away from here" the lyrics are amazing and they are a great band. They wernt the biggest band there and were not the headliners but they are quality.

i love the enemy my mum works with liam the drummers dad and they are my favourite band!!!!they rock
rose burgoyne

this band was one of the best i av eva seen live
dan cuerden

Best band around at the minute!!Puttin Cov back on the map!!!Top live aswell!!
Nick Griffiths

The Enemy are quality, best band out at the moment with the twang

amazing band! been into them since the day they got thier myspace account! cant wait for the album

What a gang of pussys the crowd are, talk about not getting involved! The Enemy are awesome

This band are amazing. They got the crowd going mental and they played some proper anthems. Away From Here still sounds great, but I can't wait to hear more of Had Enough. Reckon it'll be the tune of the summer. Bring on the album is all I can say....

omfg they are Amazin liveand the drummer is hot

Amazin, all great songs

enemy are schweeet!
jo bloggs

for an opening act, they were pretty poor, thankfully they werent on long. sound like every other second-rate oasis tribute band.

We loved them, wicked tunes!! And we met them and they were nice lads!
Emma Powell and Ange Hamlett

Well with a name like cheese puff who can believe anything you say. The Enemy are of a genre of music on its way out at the moment. Too little too late if you ask me

The Enemy are def goin to make a storm, u watch out!! they know their stuff :D
Katie, Leeds

the enemy = asbo amazing!Band for the future
Chrissy B

whatever mate Aqua are amazing. Adam's right, they're just a rip off of all the proper bands, they obviously can't generate their own original least Aqua are original. They'll be down and out within a few months hopefully like all the rest of those one hit wonders
Alex Harris

They r gr8and i'm going to see them in Edinburgh
Frazer Mitchell

the enemy are amasing!!!aqua are gimps!

Whatever mate, they're amazing.
Cheese Puff

so so so bad!
Tom Jones

Go and listen to Aqua then. Really enjoying The Enemy at the moment, especially Away From Here. What I've been able to download though, I've loved. Expecting big things from them!
Gary Prosser

More of the same old rubbish Oasis wannabees. I prefer aqua and thatrs saying something.
Adam Ibbetson

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