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Artists / Line-up

Calvin Harris

A fairytale success story, Calvin used to stack supermarket shelves in Dumfries - but since the release of infectious Top 10 single 'Acceptable in the 80's', he's producing Kylie albums and supporting Faithless on tour. Not only that, he wasn't even born in the 80s!

Sunday - Main Stage (See full line up)

Set List

  • Colours
  • Merrymaking At My Place
  • Acceptable In The 80s
  • The Girls
  • Vegas

Your reviews

he woz ILL

this guy rocks my socks! neva expected 4 him 2 b this gud live! i tell thee! i wer goin mental! xxxx thanx radio one for cumin 2 preston i love my city :) xxxxxxxx

Ok, so i'd heard Calvin Harris on the radio and I've got acceptable in the 80's as my ringtone, but that was about it. After seein' his set on Sunday I LOVE him!! Definately gonna be gettin' the album. He was amazin! Really energetic and fun! Woohooooo!

Awesome, never thought id want to listen over and over to this!!!One of best acts of the day

I love calvin! hes the only reason i wanted to go and half the people there just look so bored! and they did throught the show, someone more appriciative should have been there.. like mee (:

go andy! calvin's 23! so yeah he was born in the 80s fools! he sounded really good. shame i couldn't go see it in preston though!and i agree with rachel- he is sooooo fit!

Rikki stixxx is the coolest adn funkiest drummer on this planet and calvin and the band rock!!!!!!!!!!!!Megastars the lot of them.!!!!!!!!!!!!

Calvin Harris was ace! My fave of the night, to Jen who said the crowd was lame I was in the crowd and all around me people were bopping about. To be fair though he was the first artist of the day on the main stage so might explain why ppl weren't quite in the groove yet.All in all I loved it he reminded me of Frankie Wilde from "Its all gone Pete Tong" and will defos be getting his album and looking forward to him playing at the Academy in Manchester soon.

The best choice for opening the main stage. The set was AMAZING. I love his style and the energy on the stage was fantastic.

WOW! is all i have to say. Much better live than on the radio, full of energy, with a wicked bass! (not all i had to say) Excellent!

was there front of stage, he was purely awsume and the guy that said the crowd were like zombies, was obviously not watchin close enough, my throat has stopped working and my legs and feet feel like i've ran the London marathon from dancing and singing so god damn hard!!!!!!!!!!!!! BELTIN'
Kelsey Smith

Awh who would of thought it, anyone famous making it from Dumfries. Cmon the boys of Dumfries. Top notch songs lads.
Claire from Dumfries

1 word BRILLIANT!!!!!!!

wow really impressed with there Live performance they were great & The real deal live - set to be a huge star..

he was the best one there and great to enter the show even though i had a migrane i waas still singing a lonng to all his sonngs on my friends shoulders i got a couple off strange looks cause i knew all the words to th girls and vagas I LOVE CALVIN MUCH MUCH

he was in the year above me at school and i was born in 85. of course he was born in the 80's. quality tunes.

i watched him on digital and he was AMAZING!! but the crowd was crap u'd think being lucky enough to be at the weekend they'd b dancing and letting loose, but half of them looked like they didint want to b there n were just standing like zombies COME ON U DANCE AT THESE THINGS thats the point at being at a music festival and only a few were reciprocating i thought it was rather rude. If i was calvin i would be a bit dissappointed at the crowd i recieved! either the crowd didnt know how to move or were to old but thums up to the cheary head boppers at the front.

hes soooooooooooooooo HOT!!!

full on legend!!

saw him supporting faithless at sheffield, and i had never heard of him before that, but he is good live, wished i saw him supporting groove armada on friday but couldnt get to the concert

he is ace

Helo, i met sean from clavin harris on saturday night at the marriot hotel and may i say he has the coolest glasses ever and is a ledgend:D
Zoe McCaffrey

well good [better on the radio]

To be honest i have never heard of this guy before but after the Radio 1 weekend seeing him live made me think yeah he is good. Rock on Calvin.
Andy Higgins

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