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When will countries stop exploring for oil?

Many barriers stand in the way for rich and poor nations alike. What are they, and can they be dismantled?

If we are to ensure that there’s no more than a 1.5 degrees centigrade increase in global warming, the International Energy Agency recently stated that oil exploration must stop. A few countries have heeded that warning but the vast majority have not. The Climate Question hears from two nations – one already rich from oil, the other poor and yet to benefit from recent oil finds – about why they are continuing to explore. But, even for those who are following the IEA’s advice, will stopping be straightforward or might hurdles still lie in wait?

Fatih Birol, Executive Director of the International Energy Agency
Bård Lahn, Research Fellow at the Center for International Climate Research, Norway
Catherine Higham, Climate Change Laws of the World Coordinator, London School of Economics

Presenters: Jordan Dunbar & Gaia Vince
Reporter: Kiana Wilburg
Producers: Darin Graham & Soila Apparicio
Series producer: Rosamund Jones
Editor: Emma Rippon

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