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100 Women: Women in power

Mary Ann Sieghart hears the inspiring stories of women in power.

As women such as Angela Merkel, Jacinda Ardern and Kamala Harris hold power and campaign to win it, writer and broadcaster Mary Ann Sieghart asks what it takes to be a powerful woman and what holds so many back.

Sexism, appearance and encouraging fathers are all up for discussion as Mary Ann talks to former Prime Ministers Jadranka Kosor and Julia Gillard, former Chair of the US Federal Reserve Janet Yellen, architect Yasmeen Lari, author Bernardine Evaristo and many others.

Tracing paths to power, Mary Ann uncovers the childhoods, families and educational influences that help women succeed. She digs into the latest research on the obstacles women still face and hears first-hand accounts of how powerful women navigate the hostility they often encounter. And finally, Mary Ann pulls together the hard-won advice of today’s female leaders for the next generation who want to make it to the top.

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