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Goal 12: Responsible consumption

Seventeen-year-old Shan is worried by how much food is thrown away every day in Singapore. To help solve the waste problem can any of that food be given to people who are hungry?

In 2015 the United Nations announced a radical plan to change the world.

Global leaders drew up a list of 17 "sustainable development goals" to create a blueprint for a better future. Governments agreed to support the goals which cover gender equality, health provision, a good education and much more. We've asked 17-year-olds from 17 different countries tell us what they think needs to change if the world is to meet those goals by 2030.

Singapore imports 90% of its food and 744,000 tonnes of this ends up as food waste. Seventeen-year-old Shan wants to find out what might be some of the solutions.

"I really had my eyes opened to just the sheer scale of food wastage within Singapore. I hope that this can serve as a symbol and an inspiration for young people and for everyone out there to play their part and contribute as well as they can to tackling issues related to sustainability for a better tomorrow and for a better future for all of us."

Presenter: Sana Safi
Producer: Joe Kent and Nick Marsh

Project 17 is produced in partnership with the Open University

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