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USA: A discussion about race

Presenter Martin Bashir brings together Ilyasah Shahbaz, Joshua DuBois and Lama Rod Owens to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement and the objectives, methods and outcomes.

In this special American Impendence day program, presenter Martin Bashir brings together Ilyasah Shabbaz - the third daughter of Malcolm X, Joshua DuBois - President Obama's former spiritual advisor and Lama Rod Owens - a Buddhist Black radical thinker to discuss the nature of the Black Lives Matter movement. They discuss the objectives and methods of the movement and interrogate if the use of violence is a necessary evil in search of equality.

The three guests draw upon their own respected faith traditions as well as the experience of being African American in modern day America to share their views on how best to achieve equal rights.

Presented by Martin Bashir
Produced by Rajeev Gupta

(Photo: Black Lives Matter protest, June 2020. Credit: Jo Holland/BBC)

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