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Abortion Under Lockdown

What happened in Texas when coronavirus closed the abortion clinics?

Abortion clinics in Texas were forced to close their doors during the coronavirus lockdown. For several weeks, women wanting abortions could not get them. So what happened, and how did medical staff help?

To find out Philippa Thomas, who in 2018 travelled across Texas for a major BBC World Service series on abortion, catches up with some of the people, and places, she got to know then.

She’ll speak to the staff working in the clinics forced to close their doors. She’ll hear from the protesters opposed to abortion who, for the first time in many years, didn’t need to protest. How did the closure affect them, and how are they coping with clinics re-opening?

And, with a major Supreme Court decision on access to abortion due this summer, she’ll hear from the activists concerned that this period, with abortion unavailable for thousands of Texan women, could be a harbinger of the future.

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