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Life in lockdown with autism

Coronavirus Global Conversations is a place to talk about the impact of the disease.

What is the pandemic like for people with autism? We hear from three parents in Chile, Spain and India who discuss the impact lockdown has had on their children with autism. They explain how their children seem happier away from the social environment of school, but that they are also concerned about the impact on their social skills. One mother, also with autism, tells us how her therapist has been teaching her to hug, but that the lockdown has stopped her being able to practice this new skill.

And after the New York Times filled its front page with one-line obituaries of people who have died with coronavirus, we speak to three American editors who work on newspaper pages which remember the dead.

And as the number of positive cases in Brazil rises, three frontline doctors from different parts of the country share their experiences of the fighting the pandemic.

(Photo: Regina Cortes and her family. Credit: Regina Cortes)

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