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Mental health and Covid-19

Mental health during and after lockdown; health anxiety; loneliness and isolation; update from China and India

Now that more than half the population of the world has been living for a time in lockdown, Claudia Hammond and her panel of psychologists and psychiatrists answer the audience’s questions on the impact of the pandemic on our mental health. Dr George Hu, clinical psychologist and section chief of mental health at Shanghai United Family Pudong Hospital, tells us what he has seen in China, as it comes out of lockdown.

Professor Vikram Patel gives us a picture of mental health in India, which went very suddenly into lockdown. Manuela Barreto, Professor of Psychology at Exeter University, explains what research tells us about how isolation and loneliness affects us. Dr Jo Daniels, Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Bath in the UK, talks about who is susceptible to long term health anxiety following the pandemic. And Professor Sir Simon Wessley, psychiatrist and Director of the Kings Centre for Military Research in London, answers questions on whether we can learn about the likely psychological consequences from previous pandemics and other global upheavals.

The Evidence is produced in association with Wellcome Collection.

Producer: Caroline Steel
Editor: Deborah Cohen

(Photo: Coronavirus outbreak in Pakistan, Credit: European Photopress Agency)

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