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Transgender journeys of people who transitioned and then returned to their birth gender

Detransitioners are people who once identified as trans, but have returned to the gender they were assigned at birth. Some may also re-identify as non-binary or gender-fluid. There are no figures revealing how many people reverse or change their gender journeys – we only know that more people are telling their stories.

Brian Belovitch was born a boy, and then transitioned and lived for more than a decade as Natalia – a performer, club hostess and glamorous party animal. Then at a crisis point in his life he made a momentous decision – to live again as Brian.

These are not easy choices. Daniel was brought up male, then had gender reassignment surgery and became Danielle. Now he has detransitioned, married a woman, and is awaiting a complex operation to reconstruct his male genitalia.

Producer: Lucy Proctor
Presenter: Linda Pressly

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Sun 20 Sep 2020 17:06GMT

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