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Nasty C

DJ Edu talks to Nasty C, a 23-year-old South African who is rated as one of the continent's most talented rappers - and is starting to make waves in the USA.

Nasty C is just 23, but already recognised as one of the most talented rappers Africa has produced. The flows and lyrics of this South African artist are a cut above, and he is highly creative musically as well. He has just been signed by the prestigious US hiphop label Def Jam, and is beginning to make waves in the home of the genre.

If you have any preconceptions about what rappers are like, you may be surprised by how thoughtful this young man is in his conversation with DJ Edu, which ranges from how he’s been affected by the impact of the coronavirus, to his creative process and his thoughts on the popular South African genre Amapiano.

Image: Nasty C (Credit: Osborne Macharia)

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