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Blasian love

Relationships between black and Asian origin South Africans.

Ithra and Tumelo have the world at their feet. Both 24, both in the last year of medical school, both from loving families, and in love. Ithra is Asian and Tumelo black, and both are born in post-apartheid South Africa (part of the Born Free generation). But is love enough to keep them together as they prepare to introduce their families to each other for the first time?

Very few countries have lived through a more divided and racist history than South Africa.

Since the end of apartheid in 1994 interracial marriages between black and white people in the country has increased by threefold. Now new data obtained exclusively by the BBC shows that love between black and Asian South Africans is also on the rise.

We follow three Blasian (black and Asian) South African couples, at various stages of relationships, to see if this new generation can heal the wounds of a painful and tumultuous political history that pitted their ethnicities against each other.

Presenter: Megha Mohan
Producer: Kevyah Cardoso

(Photo: Ithra and Tumelo)

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