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The online heroes of the coronavirus pandemic

Although the coronavirus pandemic has seen a wave of misinformation and conspiracy theories, there are professionals and experts dishing out good advice and sound facts online.

They’re going viral for all the right reasons. Health care workers, scientists and experts have been spreading sound facts and solid advice about coronavirus.

It’s a push back against all the misinformation, speculation and conspiracy theories that have been swirling around about the pandemic.
In this programme we’ll meet four Covid-19 information heroes – from India, the US, and the UK. Each comes from a different background, and they all have different motivations driving what they’re doing online. So what are their strategies for getting sound science to the public? And in a social media world fuelled by emotion, how do they reflect both the facts and the human toll of the disease?

Presenter: Mike Wendling
Reporter: Sean Allsop

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Photo Credit: Getty Images/BBC

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