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Actor Viola Davis

Oscar-winning actor Viola Davis tells us about bringing the ‘Mother of the blues’ to life in the film Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

Oscar-winning actor Viola Davis on bringing to life the ‘Mother of the blues’ in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

The Hollywood star Tom Hanks tells us about his film News Of The World

Actor and producer David Oyelowo addresses the trolling that comes with colour blind casting

Director Patty Jenkins and actor Gal Gadot on recreating the powers of Wonder Woman without CGI and in that gold outfit

Australian singer/songwriter SIA describes being catapulted into the public eye having decided to stay in the background

And we take a music trip through Tanzania

Joining Nikki Bedi in the studio is critic Kaleem Aftab and on the line from New York is filmmaker Ekwa Msangi, who’ll also be telling us about her movie Farewell Amor

(Image: Viola Davis. Credit: VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images)

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