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The arctic eating adventure

The Yukon mother who fed her three teenagers on local food for a year.

When the only road into her town was blocked by a landslide, documentary filmmaker Suzanne Crocker was shocked by how quickly supermarket shelves went bare. It set her mind racing; would her remote Canadian town - just 300km from the Arctic circle - be capable of sustaining itself? She decided to undertake a radical experiment: an entire year of eating 100% local. Emily Thomas hears how she grew, hunted, foraged and negotiated her way through the seasons with a cupboard bare of salt, sugar and caffeine. How did she persuade three hungry teenagers to come on board, and what did a year of eating local do to family dynamics?

Suzanne’s film about the experience is available on until 1 February 2021.

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(Picture: The Crocker family: Credit: Suzanne Crocker/BBC)

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