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We missed our baby’s birth because of Covid-19

Patrick and Enitan Goredema's baby was born to a surrogate mother in Tbilisi, Georgia at the height of the coronavirus pandemic. They travelled across the world to meet him.

In March 2020, Patrick and Enitan Goredema were supposed to travel from their home in Toronto, Canada to Tbilisi in Georgia to witness the birth of their first child to a surrogate mother. But on March 18th, Georgia closed its borders in a bid to contain the spread of Covid-19 and despite their best efforts, they couldn’t get there in time for their son’s birth. Patrick and Enitan had to wait for more than a month to be united with him. They spoke to Outlook's Emily Webb.

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Picture: Patrick and Enitan Goredema with their baby son
Credit: Pearly Jacob

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Lives Less Ordinary: The new podcast from the Outlook team

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