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Fosse and Verdon: The legacy of a dancing family

Two superstars of dance, Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon revolutionised the modern musical. But Nicole Fosse recalls how life wasn't always as smooth as her parents' famous choreography

Nicole Fosse is the daughter of two American dance superstars – Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon. Their legendary collaboration led to the reinvention of the modern musical, and huge stage and screen successes like Chicago and Cabaret. They were one of the most influential couples in show business and their style has inspired even Beyonce and RuPaul. The Fosse-Verdon relationship was remarkable but, as Nicole recalls, life was not always as smooth as her parents’ celebrated choreography.

Presenter: Emily Webb
Producer: Maryam Maruf

(Photo: Bob Fosse, Nicole Fosse and Gwen Verdon. Credit: Getty Images)

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