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The life and crimes of a bearded lady: part one

BL Shirelle grew up in a ‘crack house’ in Philadelphia and by 12 years old she was dealing drugs herself. But she found her escape through writing poetry and rap music.

BL Shirelle had a talent for writing poetry from a young age. But while she was growing up in Philadelphia, her mother struggled with addiction and eventually BL became involved with drugs too. By 12 years old she was dealing crack cocaine from their home, but she was still writing raps everyday about the things she saw and experienced. She tells Jo Fidgen how one night, when she was 18, she heard  a commotion on the street and went out to investigate, only to be caught up in a very serious situation. Part two of her story continues tomorrow.
British wildlife expert Chris Packham has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the natural world, but he finds understanding the people around him far more difficult. However, he hasn't let this stop him from becoming a household name in the UK. Outlook's Saskia Edwards went to meet him. This interview was first broadcast 30th June 2018.

Photo: BL Shirelle
Credit:Courtesy DJC Records

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