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Is this the end of facial recognition tech?

Facial recognition – what’s the future for the technology? Also online gambling surge during COVID-19 and will gaze tech replace touch tech in times of the pandemic?

Facial recognition – what’s the future for the tech with the big names pulling out?
Most of the big tech companies have now declared they will not sell facial recognition tech to police, but will this mean that police forces will stop using this tech? There are many smaller companies that have so far not declared their intentions and others are clearly breaking the few regulations in place by using people’s images without consent. It’s widely known that facial recognition technology is racially and sexually biased, and there is little, if any, evidence that this tech does help to reduce crime levels. Dr.Stephanie Hare discusses what might now happen with this tech.

Online gambling surge during COVID-19
Lockdowns are making many players and gamblers move to online gambling platforms, the big issue here is that they do not come under strict regulations like their real world counterparts. Silvia Lazzaris and Katie Kropshofer report on this growing problem. Can you protect a rising number of online gamblers, many of whom suffer from addiction and are bunkered in their homes, from targeted advertising and fraud? And how can regulation catch up with this sudden shift to the online world?

Will gaze tech replace touch tech in times of the pandemic?
As computer processing speeds continue to increase, so does the versatility and accuracy of gaze tech – using your eyes instead of a computer mouse or touchpad. Dr. David Souto, from the University of Leicester, explains that as our eye muscles do not tire this technology has untapped benefits. His work is part of the British Academy Virtual Summer Showcase which goes live online this week.

The programme is presented by Gareth Mitchell with expert commentary from Ghislaine Boddington.

(Image: Human face recognition scanning system illustration. Credit: Getty Images)

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