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Rwanda’s Muslims 25 years after the genocide

Audrey Brown tells the story of one result of the Rwandan genocide – the rise in Islam.

Rwanda has been remembering the 100 days of Genocide which led to hundreds of thousands of its people were slaughtered.

Twenty five years on from that and to mark the end of the 100 days of mourning, Audrey Brown tells the story of a relatively unknown result of that time – the rise in Islam in Rwanda. She will hear how in the worst days of the genocide, Muslims shielded, saved and harbored Tutsis as they were chased down by Hutus. At that time, there were just a handful of Muslims here but now its estimated that Muslims make up 10% of this country.

This is in contrast to Christian churches, and Audrey hears how they were complicit in many thousands of deaths and she meets the Muslims who were so affected by what they witnessed in 1994 that they converted from Christianity to Islam

Produced and Presented by Audrey Brown
Production John Gakuba and Helen Roberts
Images: Audrey Brown

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