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The choir without vocal cords - part two

The Belgian chorister turned doctor who conducts a choir for people without vocal cords

In the last edition of Outlook Weekend we heard from Belgian doctor Thomas Moors and how his passion for singing and career in medicine led him to start a choir for people who had their vocal cords surgically removed, through a laryngectomy operation, mostly to fight throat cancer. Shout at Cancer choir members Sara Bowden-Evans and Ian Bradshaw described how performing with the group helped their voice rehabilitation and has also been a strong emotional support. In this episode we hear Bill Brummel's story. He's an award-winning American filmmaker who brought his film crew to the UK to follow the choir as they prepare for a concert at an iconic London venue. Bill has a strong connection with the group, he had a laryngectomy in 2016. His film is called Can you hear my voice.

Presenter: Mariana Des Forges
Producer: Deiniol Buxton

Picture: The Shout at Cancer laryngectomy choir
Credit: Bill Brummel Productions

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Sun 8 Mar 2020 10:32GMT


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