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Why I didn’t make a sound for 12 years

How bad can it be losing your voice? Marie became mute at 13. She was ostracised, told she was cursed and put in a psychiatric unit. But years later something incredible happened.

Marie McCreadie moved to Australia from the UK as a young girl in the 1970s. It was the start of a new adventure for the whole family, but then one day when Marie was 13 she lost her voice, leaving her unable to make a sound for over a decade. Marie was ostracised, told she was cursed, and was put in a psychiatric unit. Then, in her twenties she discovered the surprising cause of her condition.

Marie has written a book about her life without speech it's called Voiceless.

Presenter: Andrea Kennedy
Producer: Tom Harding Assinder

Picture: Marie McCreadie as a young teenager
Credit: Marie McCreadie

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