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Modern birth: The man who had a baby

Freddy McConnell is a transgender man who decided to have a baby. But his journey to becoming a father was not easy.

A few years ago, Freddy McConnell decided to have a baby. A decision that is a big deal for most, but that is even more complicated for Freddy, because he is a transgender man. Freddy started his transition in 2012. Back then having a baby wasn’t on his mind. But after realising that – biologically – it was still a possibility, Freddy decided to get pregnant.

Freddy’s story was told in a documentary called Seahorse: the dad who gave birth. It’s available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

Presenter: Emily Webb
Producer: Saskia Edwards

(Photo: Freddy McConnell standing on a beach during pregnancy. Credit: Mark Bushnell)

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27 minutes