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A simple way to help a relative if they’re arrested

In the US most people who are arrested can’t afford expensive lawyers to prepare their case. So a group in California is changing lives by teaching families how to help.

In the US most people who are charged with a crime can’t afford expensive lawyers and investigators to prepare their case. The public defenders who represent them usually have heavy workloads and limited resources. Family and friends would often like to help but don’t know how.

So a group in California is trying to make things fairer by teaching them how the legal system works and explaining what they can do. It shows them how to dissect police reports, put together a social biography for the defendant and get crucial evidence for their lawyer.

Started in San Jose, California, the model is now being used across the US and beyond.

We hear from people whose lives have been transformed by this approach.

Presenter: Nick Holland
Producer: Claire Bates

(Photo Credit: Silicon Valley De-Bug)

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