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Gavin Hood and Katharine Gun: How we made Official Secrets

From government whistle blower to Hollywood movie- the story behind the film Official Secrets.

From government whistle blower to Hollywood movie. The director Gavin Hood and the former British intelligence worker Katharine Gun speak to The Cultural Frontline about how her decision to leak the details of an alleged US plan to bug UN delegates before the Iraq war changed her life and became an acclaimed film starring Keira Knightley.

How far would you go for a good story? Taking untrained child actors on a rehearsal boot camp or filming in the jungle with the help of local goldminers? We speak to Alejandro Landes the director of Colombian kidnap drama Monos about the lengths he went to for his art.

Plus the Saudi writer-director Shahad Ameen reveals how she was inspired by Arabic folklore to make her new film, the feminist mermaid fantasy, Scales.

Presenter: Tina Daheley

(Photo: Keira Knightly as Katharine Gun and Director Gavin Hood. Credit: Entertainment One/Columbia Pictures)

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