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The World Wood Web

Why a network of fungi living in harmony with trees are key to our understanding of climate change

The World Wood web is a global map of two different types of underground fungi, microscopic organisms living in and around tree roots. The presence of these fungi is a key indicator of the health and variety of above ground life in the forests where they are found. They have key roles in our planets natural carbon cycle and are useful indicators of the impact of climate change and policies to deal with it.

Synthetic Biology, new techniques opening the way for designer organisms for use in fields from energy to drug production.

Two squashed discs with signs of cooked organic matter – the latest findings on Ultima Thule, one of the most distant objects in our universe ever surveyed.

Surfing with a technology packed fin, how citizen science is helping to fill in the gaps in costal ocean surveys.

(Photo:Roland Pease and Tom Crowther hiding in exotic woodlands of London’s Wimbledon Common. Credit: Julian Siddle)

Presenter: Roland Pease
Producer: Julian Siddle

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27 minutes


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