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The psychology of motivation and procrastination

Recorded live at the Cheltenham Science Festival, Claudia discusses procrastination, why we do it and some of the best ways to motivate ourselves to achieve our goals

In a special programme recorded live at the Cheltenham Science Festival, Health Check explores the psychology of motivation, and its enemy: procrastination.

Why do we do it? Neuroscientists have found differences in the brains of people who get on with stuff and those who procrastinate a lot. Being a chronic procrastinator is bad for your health, but there are ways to help you stop. Is willpower a good source of motivation?

Claudia is joined by British TV presenter Louise Minchin, who cycles, swims and runs in triathlons for Team GB; Dr Fuschia Sirois from the University of Sheffield, who has been studying the psychology of procrastination for more than 15 years, and sports psychologist at Loughborough University, Dr Ian Taylor. She hears about some tips to overcome a lack of willpower, including keeping gym kits washed and ready by the door and focusing on the end result.

(Photo caption: Procrastination and urgency concept – credit: Getty Images)

Producer: Pamela Rutherford

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27 minutes