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Wendell Pierce: A tale of two Americas

Wendell Pierce starred as Detective Bunk Moreland in the American TV series The Wire. Fourteen years ago, his childhood home in New Orleans was smashed by Hurricane Katrina.

The American TV series The Wire, which methodically dissected America’s war with drugs, was an eye-opener for many. Shaun Ley interviews Wendell Pierce, whose role as Detective Bunk Moreland brought him international attention. Now he’s on stage in London as the protagonist in Arthur Miller’s play Death of a Salesman. But it was Hurricane Katrina that defined him, when he rolled up his own sleeves when his childhood home was smashed. After his city’s darkest hour, when help failed to come, did Wendell Pierce fall out of love with America?

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Wendell Pierce (Credit: James Watkins/BBC)


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