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Coronovirus tech handbook online

Coronavirus tech handbook. Also open source tech for COVID-19 – printing 3d ventilators and responsible AI development.

In these unprecedented times of a global pandemic many people are working or studying from home, doctors are facing new challenges, so medical equipment is in short supply – how do deal with this? Perhaps check the coronavirus tech as a shared open source online document where anyone can post their experiences or advice.

Open source tech for COVID-19
A 3d printed ventilator that could be used for COVID-19 patients could be ready by the end of the week. An open source project has led to a collaboration of IT professionals and engineers to work on the project.

Developing responsible AI
Cultural anthropologist Genevieve Bell joins us on the programme to talk about developing AI safely and responsibly. She’s cofounded an innovation institute - the 3Ai Institute at the Australian National University and is looking for new students from around the world to apply.

(Image: Coronavirus tech handbook. Credit: Newspeak House)

Producer: Ania Lichtarowicz

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