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Tech tracking Australian fires

Tech tracking Australian fires and HAM Radio connecting people and Cangomoto – the safer way to travel in Rwanda and the DRC, and digitising the Natural History Museum in London.

An app is helping Australian’s stay safe during the Bush fires. Fires Near Me was created by the New South Wales Rural Fire Service and we hear how it works from journalist Corinne Podger. Also the WICEN HAM Radio operators who are providing emergency communications when mobile masts and internet connections are disrupted and measuring air quality using low power networks.

Safer motorbike taxis in Rwanda and the DRC
How do you ensure that the motorbike taxi you are hailing in Kigali or Kinshasa will get you home safely? Using an app that has data on the driver is one big step to having a safer journey. Gareth Mitchell finds out about Cango who collect data about their drivers to rate how safely they ride.

Digitising Natural History
The famous Natural History Museum in London has only a fraction of its collection on show. To ensure all their specimens are correctly catalogued, the museum is now digitising their collections. Harry Lampert has been finding out how technologies like machine learning are helping to get more and more specimens online.

Producer: Ania Lichtarowicz

(Photo: Fires Near Me app. Credit: New South Wales Rural Fire Service)

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