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Millions of Instagram users’ activity tracked

Millions of Instagram users’ activity tracked. Also Breaking Silences – Rwanda’s first podcast and a fire technology hackathon.

Instagram has removed US marketing company Hyp3r from its service after it was accused of grabbing users' data. Hyp3r was scraping profiles, copying photos and siphoning off data supposed to be deleted after 24 hours, according to Business Insider investigation. As Stephanie Hare explains, millions of users have been targeted.

Breaking Silences – Rwanda’s first podcast
On DP’s recent trip to Rwanda Gareth met two young women who have created the first ever podcast in the country. “Breaking Silences” is a podcast that brings you conversation around things happening in African Society particularly in Rwanda. It’s a really lively show and the hosts are not afraid to tackle subjects that no one else has spoken about publically before...

Fire Hackathon package
Our reporter Tom Stephens has been to a hackathon aimed at radically rethinking the way that fire safety is incorporated into the construction of buildings. The idea for the event came about in the summer of 2017 following the Grenfell Tower fire.

(Photo: Instagram application seen on a phone screen. Credit: Thomas White/Reuters)

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