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Faith and Feminism in Brazil

Brazil has one of the worlds worst records for violence against women, but led by their faith women are changing attitudes

Brazil has one of the worst records in the world for violence against women, and to combat these attitudes Nadiedja Souza is leading Brazilian women who are challenging the sexism of Brazil and she’s doing it using her Christian faith.

Nadiedja travels from church to church across the state of Pernambuco educating women to challenge long held attitudes towards women, as well as dealing with the physical and psychological violence that often accompanies it.

Women across Latin America have been calling for an end to femicide through the #notonefewer movement. In Brazil, Evangelical Protestant Christian women are pushing to challenge and transform rape culture and using the Bible to make their case.

Zoe Sullivan follows Nadedja as she uses her own faith to educate churchgoers about rape culture and sexism. Brazilians have left the Catholic church to join Pentecostal churches in their millions in Brazil.

Brazilians will vote in October for a new President and women’s rights are a central part of the campaign; the highly powerful and conservative Pentecostal churches are looking to gain even more political power.

Presenter and Producer: Zoe Sullivan
Image: NurPhoto /Contributor

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