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God's Word at the World's Borders

President Donald Trump has been in Europe, stating that immigration has been "very, very sad” The treatment of migrants has been debated by religious leaders split over God's word

At the end of a week when President Donald Trump visited European countries, immigration was one of the many issues which has made the headlines

The President used his visit to say that immigration has "changed the fabric of Europe" and that "allowing millions and millions of people to come into Europe is very, very sad.”

Across the globe the faithful are divided in their view on immigrants and both sides use scripture to defend their positions. The Pope has used the word ‘immoral’ in relation to European migration policies, the head Rabbi of British Reform Judaism warns of an impending genocide as migrants are 'dehumanized', while the Prime Minister of Hungary says Christianity is Europe’s last hope to save itself.

There are millions who are defiantly anti-immigration who are also devoted to their faith and the word of God. There are millions more – also people of faith - who utterly disagree with them.

In God’s Word at the World’s Borders, Heart and Soul examines the passionate debate around religion and migration and how owns the biblical word when debating immigration

Photo: The Rev. Al Sharpton joins other members of an interfaith delegation of 40 religious leaders in McAllen, Texas Credit: Getty Images

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